kiss of war  

PlansBikedFends 38M
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8/13/2006 5:33 am

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10/12/2006 6:48 pm

kiss of war

one fine night i am going out and 2 of my ex gf call me and want to hang out i told them i am busy but they asked doing what? i replied do you want to know the true... yes.... so i told thm i have a frine di have to meet and in the end they both decide to come out the same time and see me at a club...

was this a good idea.... u will see

first one was with me with her friend tagging along

so we were talking and chillin and then came thr second one

as soon as they came they were talking with each other and i smiled and asked them... what say u!!!

they replied girl talk!!!

then as son as i turned around i found them kising each other (please note they were not B

first time doing this... so i said to one what about me?!!!?

so we started then i got pulled by the other and then started there too... a kissing war started...

all other in the bar and club were amused to see this take place!!!

i enjoied that evening alot taking them both home for a bed time story

keithcancook 61M
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8/13/2006 6:28 am

Ah, to be young again...

PlansBikedFends 38M
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8/13/2006 5:10 pm

well yes i guess.. but truly i am 56 in mind, 26 in body and 16 in sprit... strange combo but the truth.... these last few years have ben superb with me things just happened

so i think you can can be young again too!!! dont try to hard it will just happen

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