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8/13/2006 5:38 pm

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Super fun part in Goa... with one crazy Giesha

is is possible to find a Giesha in GOa!!!

i think everything is possible these day!!!

a group of crazy but fun nuts we where, from sll corners of the world on one small beach in Palolim beach in south goa...

over a pool table that was not bad to play that the odds where better in the lotto

... we all met there and laughted and with my one silly comment of loser pays and also does dares......... the party started

we endend up water ballong people on the beack, and dressed up for parties and on the dull nights

i cleared the center of a center of a resturant and made guest try to dance like micheal jackson

all for a free drink and Rs 100 about $2)

cheapest laugh of my life caused by the 8 english girls that were dinning with me who dared me i couldnt get this done!!!

Eastern weekend will never be the same again!!

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