Sexiest part of your body III: The Bitch  

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1/16/2006 7:48 pm

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Sexiest part of your body III: The Bitch

It took me about 2-3 days to forget the emotional impact that the words of Mr. Z. had on me. And then I met her. I couldn't wait to start asking all the introspective questions I had on my curious mind.

-What is your name?

-I don't have a name. I am simply the Bitch and people call me like that. Sometimes they call me slut, cunt or whatever insulting they can think of. But the most times they call me Bitch.

-So how long have you been around?

-Let me think for a moment. Hmmm....I almost forgot. I've been around for a while...let's say a few ages.

-Really? And how have you managed to make everyone love you and errr...hate you a bit?

-That was the easiest thing baby. I just gave to men what they wanted. They come to me because they know I will give to them all what they need.

-And what it is that all these men need?

-Oh this varies from man to man. My job is to serve a man and then at some point screw up the things a bit and create a mess. This is where they start calling me bitch.

-And do you think that men really like that? I mean that how you screw up the things?

-Hehehe...Do they have another choice? Well maybe it's a bit hard at times but men love every opportunity they have to show power, strength and beat me up. Well not to say that all of them beat me up-some beg me to beat them and humiliate more but all these are varieties of the same game: power, control and discipline. I just know how to manipulate these senses and create the conditions for that game.

-But this involves pain. Do you really enjoy when they beat you up or when you beat up someone?

-Well that's a very silly question. The enjoyment is not in pain but in the context that allows pain to take place. Haven't you ever read the marvellous De Sad? I was his mistress for a couple of years before they closed him in prison, fortunately because he would have killed me otherwise.

-Wow. It seems you were lucky. But will you be lucky forever? I mean that you live a very dangerous life with a lot of passion, betrayal, physical pain and some emotional torture. You know things may lose control this way.

-No, because I'm the one who sets the rules. Silly men, they don't even understand. They just want to play their role but I'm the one who crates the conditions and responds to their needs. In this context I'm as safe as I want to be.

-Hmmm...but are you also happy?

-And who is? Happiness is elusive boy. If you catch it well done. If you don't keep on chasing it.

-So what is your purpose in life? To give pleasure, to chase happiness or what?

-I don't have a purpose boy. That's the first rule. I live just to live my life. Yes I create a lot of sorrow and pain too but what would our lives be without a little drama? Don't forget I'm the one who sets the rules. So the drama I'm giving to someone can be small or destructive. For those who decide to play with the Bitch, they have to be prepared to be burnt in the fire of lust and pain.

-Your words are strong but I feel like something is missing here. I don't see the connecting line, if you know what I mean. Maybe you are just lost in the abyss of your desires and longings?

-That's the funniest thing a man ever told me. You start breaking my nerves boy. For God's shake respect the Bitch!

-I'm trying to but you give me so many doubts.

-That's the nature of the game boy. Don't forget I'm the one who sets the rules. Nothing has to be certain. Nothing has to be a given. You have to play your role first, and the Bitch will satisfy your darkest desires.

-Well I must admit that I never have thought that things work this way. I thought that men are looking for good and loyal girls and be happy with them. I was too naive?

-No you weren't. A Bitch can be also good and loyal if this is what men desire. But in most cases it doesn't work this way. Oh gosh my life would have been easier if things were working this way but you see they don't and thus I have to be the Bitch. If future generations change attitudes, then I might become an angel

-That's a nice dream to hope for especially when it is told by a Bitch like you! Well listen there is a last thing I wanted to ask you: What is the sexiest part of your body?

-You haven't figured out yet boy? You are a bit slow on mind. But why you would like to know? Gimme a good reason and I'll let you know.

-Well I'm just exploring eroticism and what it is that men and women crave, what it is that makes us happy and gives a meaning in our lives.

-Hahaha...Your reason sounds like a joke to me. Are you serious or just mocking me? But anyway I'll tell you for the history's shake. It is my soul boy. Men crave my dirty soul. A soul that knows how to manipulate and betray them. Satisfied?

-Yes of course. How I could not be? You don't give another choice to anyone.

-There is no other choice boy. The only choice is satisfaction in this game.

- to be continued on the next post...part IV -

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LadytoPleaseYou 65F
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1/16/2006 9:29 pm

I see so much here that it is hard to comment on this without a very lenghty response. May be I am reading for too much into it. The Bitch is Woman, Womanhood who sees herself as holding all power over men while letting them believe that it is they who are in power. The fact that she sees her soul as the sexiest body part is directly related to what she gives the man to satisfy his desires. He takes it and all but destroys it and she in turn takes it back wrecking havoc on his life as she leaves in payment for the damage done to her soul. As with Mr Z, Manhood, she is wrong. In the words of George Harrison from "The Yellow Submarine", "It's all in the mind."

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

rm_Young102 41M
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1/17/2006 12:41 pm


You got it right . Yes "it's all in the mind"....

I'm always glad to meet people who like to think!

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