Advice Tip for Building Essential Relationships: Those essential questions that get you started  

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1/18/2006 12:43 am

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Advice Tip for Building Essential Relationships: Those essential questions that get you started

Have you ever had trouble on how to start a conversation with someone new you just met online?
Don't worry, I'm your man and I have the advice that will help you to put things into perspective. As you know a good beginning is the half of everything. So you should know how to make this start. Some people out there, of course, have the charisma and they do that naturally. I learned from them and I'm telling you now:

The secret my friends is those essential questions that start a conservation. Those questions set the context, delineate your personality and expose your genuine concern about your new prospective lover. They show that you care about his/her physical and emotional situation. Those questions demonstrate that you are an open-minded and avant-guarde person and you have confidence as well as assertiveness and you know what you are looking for in this life. Those questions show your strong personality and the depth of your thinking. Also, they are honest and direct and they do not imply anything; they are explicit, simple and comprehensible. You don't even have to think in order to answer. Those questions are not selfish and transpose the focus of the discussion from superficiality to essential existentialist aspects that concern our lives. They form the basis for an empathic dialogue and ensure that each one will have the chance to express him/herself and be listened. Those questions are the basis of democracy and besides they show faith to supernatural and divine forces that determine our actions and longings. Those questions are the basis of democracy and form our erotic ethics.

So those questions are basically the same and can be found in different variations.

Men can ask women:
1. Are you AdultFriendFinder?
2. Are you sha/ed?
3. Do you s*#! #o#k?
4. Do you swa//ow?
5. Are you fin$ering?
6. Wanna see my hu)e ha%d #o#k?

Women can ask men:
1. Are you ha^d?
2. Do you st^oke it?
3. Do you eat pu&&y?
4. Wanna stress my tight a~~?
5. Wanna c0m in my hot m0uth?
6. Wanna fill my soft pu&&y with your hu)e #o#k?

Still have doubts? Those questions are made only by charismatic people who know what they are looking for and how to get it. No wonder why they always lead to essential relationships - which maybe last for a half an hour or so but they remain in memory forever. Those questions delineate our way of living and form our experiences combining the surreal with the real.

But above all .... those questions also toll the bell that maybe our health is in danger and that we should keep our brains inside the head.

And for the lost travelers those questions mean something else. They are the essential element of creativity and art: they represent the nothingness that the artist tries to fill it...

LadytoPleaseYou 65F
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1/18/2006 9:55 am

Did you forget the all encompassing unisex question we alllll love? Wanna f**k?"

I like your approach to winning sex partners and influencing hook ups. This definitely rivals anything Miss Manners would have to say on the arkward "how do I break the ice" moment when first meeting

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

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