How much does it hurt  

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6/16/2006 9:15 pm

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How much does it hurt

How much does a break-up hurt?
What pain do you feel when you're rejected by a loved one?
I did a bit of searching on the web, and I found the following quotes from a mix of men and women who were asked to describe the pain they felt:

"It hurts. Not as much as jumping on a bicycle without a seat, but it hurts."

"Like splaying your thumb open with a 24 ounce, waffle faced, framing hammer."

"Like waking up with a railroad spike in your head"

"Like doing a somersault on hard concrete and feeling something go terribly wrong. Realize, after passing out from pain twice, that you ripped a fricken' ligament and now your shoulder blade is hanging out of place."

"Like accidentally kicking a step with the foot that just happens to have a really nasty ingrown toenail"

"Like the feeling in your head when you're in the process of being diagnosed with meningitis and encephalitis but they haven't gotten to the part where they start giving you painkillers."

"Like open heart surgery without anaesthetic"

"Like testicular surgery without anesthetic"

"Okay, you're sliding down a long bannister. And then you come to the part where it turns into a real long razor blade."

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