A (very) latter-day fairy story  

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6/13/2006 10:38 am
A (very) latter-day fairy story

There was once a prince
Who fell deeply in love with a beautiful princess
They lived happily for many years
But this prince had a secret
In his past, a wicked witch had cast a spell upon him
"You will turn into a frog", said the witch, "Not now, but when you least expect it". "And you won't realise that you have become a frog"
So, sure enough, the prince gradually turned into a frog. And, as the witch had said, he didn't realise it. Every day, when he looked in the mirror, he saw the same face staring back at him
But the princess knew
And she was lonely, and so started holding court with princes and their envoys from all over the world.
And she started neglecting the kingdom, which fell into a state of disrepair. The prince, being a frog, couldn't see over the parapet of the pond, so didn't realise what was happening in the kingdom. He was happy just hopping lily pads
One day, she met another prince - who knew all the right buttons to push. And they planned a life together
One night, the princess started talking in her sleep, and the prince heard what she said. The next day, whe he looked in the mirror, he was shocked to see the green face of a frog staring back at him. And he looked out of the window and saw the perilous state of his kingdom.
And he was deeply unhappy and ashamed
Ashamed for what he'd become
Ashamed that he had spent his time hopping lily pads instead of seeking the wizard who could reverse the spell and turn him back into a prince
And so he belatedly sought out the wizard, only to find that the wizard resided within him.
And he started turning himself into a prince again
But the wicked witch had one more nasty surprise for him
For, she had said, "If you should ever break the spell, I will send a dream to haunt you"
And so it came to pass
The dream came, and he feared greatly
He feared meeting the witch again
He feared this so greatly that he knew he couldn't face it again
And so he gave the princess an ultimatum
"It's either him or me", he said
Though he knew he had no chance of winning
Though he knew that the princess would choose the prince over the half-man, half-frog which he still was
But it was all he knew how to do

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