How to enjoy at the maximun...?!?  

rm_Yas_meister 33M
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4/22/2006 9:12 am
How to enjoy at the maximun...?!?

Can just fucking a lady be fun? Or some pussy-licking or tits-sucking can be fun? Well i don't think so..

I remember meeting this lady, she was 26, beautiful and has a lovely body shape.. We met a saturday, I drove to her bungalow, talked a little, but then I changed my idea of having sex with her, because I wasn't ready or sumthing like that.. I was feeling tired.. I wanted to leave her at her doorstep, but then i ask her for a drink, and she let me in.. We sipped and talked.. Then it happened that we had talked too much, and were running out of words..

She opened the door of her bedroom and asked me to come in.. I lied on the bed, she just came to me and started whispering, and carresing my pants.. I still didn't want to do it.. But when i kiss her, suck her lips, and played with her tongue, i was aroused...

So what i want to say here, is that just looking for sex, isnt the real thing, the real thing, which can please you all, is the way u start doing it.. No matter how tired you are, if you know how to get started, then at the end you can say 'Yeah, That Was Something' which i said after we had it..

Not only you, but your partner too should be like you.. Which means participating in the cuddling, caressing, kissing everything...Ive done it, I love doing it, and I will always love doing it..

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