The one that can make your toes curl!  

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4/8/2006 8:48 am

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11/29/2006 8:00 am

The one that can make your toes curl!

What is it that a woman does that drives you crazy. Is it her innocence that you like to corrupt, or do you prefer someone to handle you? Do you love her to gaze into your eyes while taking you all into her mouth? Or do you like to stare at her as you make her cum with every stroke of your tongue? Do you like to tell her how to take it or stay quiet and listen to the sounds of body movement? Me personally. I like them all..Open to different rolls, to keep things exciting. But Im also the type, that if you can handle yours and have me open I am liable to do anything and everything needed to drain you of EVERYTHING you got. Send you home with a smile and sore empty nuts..LMAO..But thats just me...
Those who Look me in my eyes while giving me head
Those that can Let me eat her over and over, nut after nut. A Multiple Cummer
Nasty Talkers
Anal Sex Lovers
Those who like it Rough
Those who like to be made love to
Those willing to do ANYTHING the situation calls for
Bi Women/ 3Sums/Gangbangs or GroupPlay
For you freaks..The extra...Flogging/WaterSports/BiMen/Pain/ or Torture RolePlay/etc.

JadeLondon 49M/31F

4/9/2006 1:57 am

My vote was torn between "Those who like it rough" and "For you freaks..." but my limitations in the latter category made it seem only appropriate that I go with the other one. What can I say. I like it rougher than most.

Oh, and thanks for takin the time to read and respond to my blog. I know these guys on here keep you very busy. I wish there were some girls like you in my area, I like that you're assertive, selective, and know what you want.

rm_CalmChaos 49M
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4/9/2006 6:42 am

Im the do anything kinda guy. I will even hum a little tune if need be.

I like to call it burmuda becuase I can get lost down there.

Dwick2 42M
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4/9/2006 9:55 pm

I am more into all of the above. The women who will look you in the eyes while giving head are the ones that want to learn your pleasure points. The joy of bringing a woman to orgasm after orgasm with the power of my tongue, helps a woman know your want her to be pleasured. When both people are working towards a mutual goal you can eventually have a woman relax sexually enough to squirt for the first or numerous times. Without communication while having sex or making love Anal sex can be exactly the opposite of a lovely experience. Rough, soft, slow, or fast with your loved one or a third even fourth, you have to be equipped or at least able to stand up under any situation or circumstance.

justin_uff 42M

4/17/2006 8:01 pm

im the type that is down for whatever between 2(or more) consentin adults. so if we decide that its fair game then thats jus how its goin down... all in the name of pleasure

rm_sabletouch 49M
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4/18/2006 12:24 pm

i love kissing a woman as she's cumming. i love the taste of her hot breathe desperately seeking air, panting, heaving, her tongue uncontrollable. she bites and moans and squirms as she cums and one orgasms knocks hard into another as my dick slams gently into the rear room of her loveliness. i love kissing a woman just as she's cumming and the kiss lasts an eternity...peace.

rm_slicfreek 40M
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4/26/2006 3:50 pm

All women are different.The same things that make one woman go crazy is just another thing to someone else.So you have to feel it out and observe her body language as you try out different things and also listen to what she likes.I want to make you cum in as many different ways as possible so that your experience with me is something new.I am up for just about anything she wants me to do.Some women like to be pounded hard and fast.Some like it slow and easy.Some women like to be eaten over and over.Some like more penetration.Some like anal (fingers, tongues, and dicks).Some don't want you to touch it at all.Some like a little of everthing, so that is what I do to find out what she likes.

dlo9 44M

5/1/2006 7:52 am

Sex is both mental and physical. Body language is always honest. So knowing what the situation calls for depends on how well you can read body language. If you can give your partner a mental orgasm first, the body will too. So wheather anything goes depends on how much youre into it. Im a pleaser, so I focus on making sure a woman feels good. Im a giver, so I dont mind giving what you want.(ALMOST)Going in the bed room with restrictions takes away from intamacy. You can say what you'll never do, But the mind has away of telling your body different. Be open to new experiences and each other desires for pleasure. Knowing how to fuck and make love at the same time makes a difference. A women wants a little of both as do I. We both should walk away feeling it the rest of the day. For me it goes back to that old sayn.....First your mind,and you ass will follow.

FieryAlgolTunas 61M

8/30/2006 8:10 am

Ummmmmmmmmm just love the lady who will let me eat her all night long with her cumming and cumming -- one right after the other. Love to keep her high and let her ride the wave. Eventually she will get to me and then love to see those beautiful eyes looking my way as she drains my manhood. Afterward, back to snacking on that wonderful pussy between those legs -- got to keep her satisfied.

rm_HUMMERZ71 41M
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10/6/2006 11:12 am

maybe one day..

bighaus71 46M
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10/8/2006 11:06 am

nothing like a woman that will sit on my face and make me eat that sweet treat till she cums then roll over and have me eat it some more.

donovanjames11 41M/37F

10/26/2006 4:35 pm

DAMM! the day i first made a girl squirt across the room when i was eating her, i knew i was hooked. when she shot her nut like that i could not believe what was happening. she keep telling me to stop then i would start a stop again, finally i just kept going and would'nt stop she unlesahed on my ass!!! with the force of piss if you hold it for a long time she cum so hard and so much of it, it was simply amazing. i'm hooked on girls that squirt hands down.

curvedbanana2 42M
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11/23/2006 7:58 pm

That's a very hard question to answer, actually I think most people to read the question would be torn between 2 answers. I must say I love to eat pussy if for nothing else "The Reaction" To see her eyes roll in the back of her head, the squirming, and the sound of her being pleased is very arousing to me, and makes me hard automatically. Making a woman cum, just makes you want to keep making her come.Now with that being said I voted for Doing anything the situation calls for. Because there really is nothing a true freaky guy won't do to please a female, because he knows the better he performs the more willing she is to do what ever he wants her to do !! I am 1 of the people that was torn between 2 answers.

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11/28/2006 1:47 pm

A women by nature is a pleaser and nurturer. So by saying that I feel that if you really want to be please you must really please her mind and body and she will give you her all without questioning anything you ask for and in most circumstance you have to say nothing. We as men so often overlook the smaller thing by being physical creature we only see the outer appearance of a women or for a better word her physical beauty not caring how to make her happy mentally. That's on a more serious note than the norm of this site enjoying all the tits and ass we can see and hopefully lay up with.

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