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My obsession....
My new friend..
No its no toy, although I work it like one and no its not a girl, this time. Nope not a couple either. My new friend. Whao....
Read further and learn more about this new friend.
My obsession began just yesterday, after meeting my new friend. If you would have told me this would consume me b4 I even began I would have denied it all.
The tingles running through me even the day after assures me that whatever happened yesterday MUST happen again... Soon. My mind is set...on obsession.
My new friend. From the site (if u read this. I'm sure you'll know who u r ) was.. I admit.. Not everything I was looking for technically. But he was determined to have me. And that ALWAYS drives me crazy. "I may not be what you are looking for, but ill convince you that I'm what you need". Yeah right. I said. "You'll see" he'd always say. Well its takes more than you'll see to meet me I let him know. He laughed and said he knew that. He liked challenges and if I wasn't one he wouldn't have wanted me. So the harder I play the harder hell try. But I should be warned he gets what he wants and its never the same after.
Yeah ok. I tell him. Talk big. He just laughed again and said you'll see.
Was he right?
I showed up at his door. 1pm exactly. And I do admit I looked pretty dayum good. The door opened. And a rare thing happened. He actually looked better than the pictures he sent. He smiled and let me in. You're beautiful he said. I said thank you you're wonderful to look at yourself. We went to the kitchen where I saw he had cooked for me. How sexy I thought. I sat. We ate. Drank some really great wine. Then he got strawberries and whip cream from the fridge. He asked if I was ready for dessert. I took off my clothes sat on the table with my heels still on. Opened my legs wide and asked. Are you? As soon as I saw you I wanted that, he said. But I didn't want to rush you. Rush me or have me begging for you, I asked. He laughed and said humm. You figured it out huh. I said yeah. And it worked. I have to have you NOW. Not yet he warned but in due time. He rubbed whip cream on my pussy. Soft enough to almost make me cum with every touch. He slowly licked the top. Teasingly. Gently blew on it then with one long stroke licked it off. I exploded immediately in his mouth. He kept going and I kept coming. Again and again I cum. Until I can't stop cumming. Every lick every touch puts me there. Its driving me crazy. Fuck me please. I scream out. Not yet. He flips me over and licks my ass with the same intensity smackin it with one hand and fingering it with the other. Then lickin it. I cum again. And again. I can't take this. I turn around and drop to my knees and take him all in my mouth. Licking and sucking with so much intensity I could feel his knees buckle. I'm sucking and spitting and slobbing so much I black out and keep going. The only thing I can think about is making that dick feel better than how my pussy just felt. Its a mission. I won't stop. He cums in my mouth. He looks at me and says. You aren't playing are you? And I laugh and say hell no not with something I want. He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. We fucked for hours. He fucked me. I fucked him. We fucked each other. Then I fucked him again and finally he once again fucked me. Tired, sweaty and 5 hours later... We emerged. We took a shower together. And by 630 I was driving back home with a smile on my face.
Thinking about my new obsession.....

brownfinest134 38M

6/27/2006 1:31 pm

thats a hot story got me going ma mmmmm

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8/4/2006 11:07 am

I want to be your obsession.Because you are already mine and I dont even know you yet.
You are fucking HOT!!!!

rm_amazingee 34M

11/10/2006 12:00 pm

I'm obsessed with a few things as well. If you ask me you're very fortunate, because I'm still only dreaming about the future encounters with my "obesssion"--From the site if you see this you know who you are... And as far as the story....I really don't understand what he did to make you want him so bad. The food had to be great, I hope it was wine of your choice, he had to look way better than the pictures...Help me understand.

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