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3/7/2006 7:30 am

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Come Inside

Two weeks have gone by since I met this really interesting person. Two long weeks of waiting for another chance to feel it again. And two more weeks of waiting until they return to Atl.
Why have I found myself thinking about what happened when I normally dont. Why do I crave that person, when I normally dont crave anyone at all. Why I am longing to meet them again when I usually dont want to.
Because SHE was AMAZING. {=}
Come Inside and find out why.........

Now some of my blogs are fantasies and some are experiences. But this one here. This is diffenetly an EXXXperience I dont want to forget. WOW...

A received a note from someone. No pic. no information on the profile. This is usually my red flag to delete the emails. But this one somehow got my attention. And the second flag was the single female part. Although I love the ladies, I love a nice hard dick attached to an aggressively dominate male. And a chic cant do that for me. But this note.....For one..It was long as heck..LMAO..But after reading I couldnt say she left a single thing out. She told me about herself, what turns her on normally. She told me about what attracted her to me and the things she wanted to do to me. She told me about her desires and fantasies. She told me everything. By the end of the note, I was wanting her..LMAO.
One problem.No pic. And Im not the blind date meeting type.
I thank her for the note and expressed my desires to her as well and told her if she would have had one it would have been on. But Thanks but no Thanks.
She didnt want to take that answer. "Girl I want that pussy and I always get what I want, no excuses, no exceptions."
Two days later around 11pm I get another email from here. She wont give up. And for some reason thats turning me on.
The next note she sent me dayum near made my panties slide off I got so wet. The things she wanted to do with her tongue, the positions she wanted to lick my pussy in, the strapon she wanted to fuck me with, the porno she wanted playing in the background. She told me how she wants to just look at me while she licks me till I cumm because just seeing the pleasure on my face and the way my body move would make her nut. This girl told me she CRAVED eating pussy. More than she liked getting her's licked. She couldnt have enough. She could eat it all night.
And she just loved to make a beautiful woman nut.
She wanted me and she wanted me tonight.
"I dont meet people just cause they send a note saying they want to meet me, especially if they dont have a pic." I tell her.
"Whatever it takes, I am getting that pussy tonight ma."I am going out of town for a month and I want to be thinking about what I did to it, not what I can or will do to it." I wont except no and I will do or say whatever it takes to get u here."
Now at this time I was pissed and turned on.
Turned on by the fact that she was telling me how it was going to be.
Turned on by the fact that she would do anything to meet me tonight.
Turned on by the fact that she wanted me that bad that she wouldnt except the fact that I repeatedly told her no.
Pissed there was no pics, and even more pissed she getting me like this and she leaving right after.
Again I tell her Thanks but no thanks
I am kickin myself as I am doing it cause now I have this throbbing sensation in my clit that can only be released by the licking and sucking of someone. My trusty vibrator wont feel the desire this time. I really needed some good long hard head.
I am even more pissed now, because I am jumping through the roof with sexually frustration.
1215am....Another message........From Her......
"Your still on and still up, you could be sitting on my face watching a porno right now." She says
She seems to know exactly what to say to drive me crazy.
"lol I little restless and frustrated, thanks you to" I tell her
"So then stop fighting it and bring that pretty pussy to me.""Lets drink some wine and watch this porno. If you smoke, I got plenty of that for you. So its no more excuses, just cum."
"I would love to. I am just not for the blind meeting. Its not my thing." I say.
"Well, I told you everything about me, and I told you what I look like. And regardless I am not unlike what I said or what I am telling you, Even after all that and you arent physically atttracted to me which seriously doubt will happen. You cant lie to yourself and say that pussy not craving me now."
"Yeah, I cant lie. It is. I hate it but it is."
She says. "Well cum over and let me help you with that."
"Atleast lets finish this conversation her in person. Wine, weed, pornos and I wont try anything unless you ask me.""Deal?"
5 minutes later...I tell her......"Deal"
"Dayum baby, you just made my night.And I am defiently about to make your weekend. Here are the directions and my number if you get lost,"
After a nice hot shower and slipping on barely nothing. I am out the door and on my way.
Nervousness sets over me as I am parked outside. Please dont let this go bad. I hate liers and bad experiences. Since I am truthfull, thats all I ask in return. Just be real. Maybe I will like it,maybe I wont. Just be honest.
OK OK OK.I gotta go inside. I walk up to the door, knock and wait.
My heart pounds as the door opens.
Pleasantly surprised is NOT THE RIGHT WORDS.
This chic was amazing. In my opinion she was by far finer than me. Her body although similar to mine had ass on it that wouldnt quit.
"Wow your beautiful she says, bring that sexy ass inside." She says
She closes the door and grabs me and starts kissing me and grabbing my ass.
"dayum you arent joking around on this are you." I ask?
"With the way you look and they way I feel, girl please..I am about to hurt you."
"Really" I say.Well I diffenetly wont stop you.
"So you like what you see."She asked me.
"Hell Yea. If i didnt come here and she this It would have most diffenetly been my loss. sweetie." I told her.
"Thats what I like to hear."
"So, do you want to finish the conversation"
I laugh and tell her its no need.
She smiles and grabs me and kisses me. Although I am taken back by how forward she is. I am loving it
She starts to pull down the dress that was barely covering me and beging licking my nipples. Before I could even react her fingers were immediately rubbing my bare pussy.
"No underwear." she asked. lol
"umm, you obviously wanted it to."
"maybe i did, maybe i didnt." I wont say"
She laughs, spreads my legs open and begins to lick my clit
The way she licked like it was her last meal drove me INSANE.
"wow this feels so good.""please dont stop"
Dont worry I wont. She says. I am just beginning.....

And for the next 4. Yes 4 hours she fucked my brains out.
This chic did my better than most men do.
She fucked me with a strap on she licked the pussy back wet between EVERY SINGLE position she moved me in.
I think I must have blacked out from nutting so many times.
7am rolls around and we just finished round 6. I lay out in the bed. Its no need to sleep, I have a plane to catch at 1 she says.
"Ok, well I should go and let you get ready." I tell her
LOL..She laughs.."You arent getting away that easy, I am not done with you yet."
"Dayum baby, you are not fucking joke. I havent even fucked a guy this many times for this long."I tell her
"You tapping out"She asked
"Hell fuck no, never that sweetie."i say As I get up on all fours in doggie style postions."I am always ready to go."
She comes up behind and starts in on my ass.Licking it hungerily as she fingers my pussy.
"You are driving me crazy you know that"
"i know"she says, and I LOVE it.
I see that as I explode again in her mouth.
My turn I say as I grab her and throw her down
An hour later I am nutting like crazy layed out.
In walks this chic with breakfast....
I lift up and look at her.
"Now you really tryin to turn me out, All that And NOW breakfast."
She laughed." I like you what can I say. I enjoyed myself and I enjoyed you."
I kiss her and thank her, enjoy the food and then once again
Enoyed her and left.
"You know we are doing this again the very minute i get back."
She says as I am walking to my car.
"Its a date. I wouldnt be anywhere else."I tell her..
2 weeks to go....Until our next meeting
Ill definetly update you then

rm_love2eat28 42M

3/15/2006 1:42 pm

dam girl you are the bomb that is some hot shit. mine was just a dream but yours was an actual experience. dam i think i am jealous(smile)

richwalkxl 42M

3/15/2006 11:14 pm


mycakandeatit2 52M

3/22/2006 7:56 am

hot to death!!!!!!

mycakandeatit2 52M

3/24/2006 5:50 am

i ell women all the time that skirt or dress with no pannies is a big turn on...most dont get it

mycakandeatit2 52M

3/29/2006 5:37 am

sound like she call yall out to me!!!! step up or keep stepping!!!!!

man4womentouse 41M

4/2/2006 1:01 pm

thanks for telling us what happened can't wait to hear about the next date

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4/4/2006 10:35 pm


mycakandeatit2 52M

4/5/2006 8:27 am

want what...what I mean u have the chance to smeel that young tight freaky pussy and you scared???? or are u imtimidated...what the deal

mycakandeatit2 52M

4/6/2006 6:46 am

shit...i'll hit you...i'm in ohio...are u cumming up here...with your fine freaky ass..between the two of us we'll find u a girl friend to play with....i may be throwing an all black AdultFriendFinder party this spring....are u dwn...take 75 north 8 hours...what????????

mycakandeatit2 52M

4/28/2006 7:42 am


rm_redy2laypipe 44M

5/4/2006 3:33 pm

From the pictures, you have very attractive attributes. A woman with many qualities that most men only dream about;nevertheless many experiences as well......yet mysterious however?

richwalkxl 42M

5/5/2006 11:13 am


rm_bigshon2005 42

5/6/2006 11:47 am

Good afternoon,
I'm curious, two weeks are up. Have you met this mysterious magnificent nymph again? You are a pretty talented writer, I guess it seems to stem from having interesting frames of reference. Have you ever thought of trying to get published. Pardon me if I omit the sexual innuendos and obscene photos. To me none of that matters if you can't hold a civil conversation. I'll be interested in knowing the followup.
Take care.

rm_313_Holdings 43M

7/29/2006 8:13 am

If that actually happened then...WOW! If not, it still sounds pretty goddam exciting (lol). You're a talented writer.

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8/4/2006 11:09 am

Wow My pussy is SOOOO wet from that
I will GLADLY pick up where is left off. But when you with me, I wont let your sexy little azz take a break or leave my site. You will be mine to do as I want with ALL NIGHT LONG.

donovanjames11 41M/37F

8/4/2006 4:32 pm

dam ma i want to be like u when i grow up.

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