[b]A nite to remember[/b]  

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[b]A nite to remember[/b]

Well...I met this Wonderful couple on another site. [One where the people are REAL and a little more serious about meeting.] The couple consisted of an older blk male [42] to be exact but very attractive and the female was surprisingly young.[21] And must I add REALY FREAKY. The male was rather dominate in his role so he set up everything, although I did see pics of her/him/and them together. He told me these incredible tales of how freaky his girl was. How much she ADORED eating puzzy and licking azz. Nothing turned her on more than taking some dik while licking some puzzy. He also told me how much she loved role play and being dominated. He let me in on her fantasy. To be dominated by both her man and another freaky attractive female, and he thought I was perfect. He even told me that he showed her my profile and she got so turned on she sucked him off right there while he read it back to her.lol[How unbelievable]. Maybe a little too unbelievable but I still kept talkin to him [although this was sounding entirely too good to be true it was turning me on]. We exchanged emails for about 6days on the last day he told me that I was all his girlfriend would talk about and she wont stop until she has me. So they made the offer. To meet them that nite for some fun. Although I was a little hesitant being that I havent talked to the female, I went. WOW! Was that ever the BEST DECISION i have made. I knocked at the door, only to be greated by an attractive female that wasnt even the female in the pic. I Thought things were gonna go sour from there because I didnt even know who this chic was. She told me David[the guy] was in the room with sasha[the girl] and they were waiting on me. She handed me a lit blunt and offered me some alcohol to drink. I quickly let out a sigh of relief, sat down my thngs and relaxed as i sipped on some hennessy. I was watching Mr. Marcus on TV[ for my avid porn fans yall know who that is] I all of a sudden heared a chic yell "Yes Daddy, give it to me harder"...Oh yeah..They were waiting...I got a little too comfortable in the Tv room I almost forgot. Well..I start to walk toward the noise and I am meet in the hallway by the girl who answered the door and fixed my drink. She looked at me kind of seductively and said you couldnt resist any longer could you. And i just laughed and replied No it sounds to good not to watch. She grabbed my hand and led me to a door. When she opened it I got a good view of some great fycking. He had her on this swing holding her legs wide open and her hands tied down and he was fyckin her harder then I have ever seen someone pump b4... I was immeditely getting wet. He looked over at me and said I am glad you came, we are just getting started so come in and watch. As i walked in the other girl came in and closed the door behind her. I say right on a bed next to the swing and watched as he trusted inside of her with such force. He grabbed her throat and started fycking her even harder now. He asked her what was she going to do now that Daddy got her what she wanted. She looked up at him and said I wanna eat her puzzy and take it in the azz Daddy..Wow. This folks doin things over here..lol. I was getting so turned on watching them that I started unconsiously rubbing the top of my puzzy. B4 I even knew I was doing it this other chic just walked over sat down between my legs, lifted up my skirt and started eating my out so passionately. I stopped watching them to watch this girl doing what she do. She was telling me how good I taste and how she was delited I was so attractive when she opened the door. She was doing it so so well. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them I had the guy on one tit and the girlfriend on the other. This chic was eating me out, then I felt his hand starting to finger my puzzy and I felt her hand fingering my azz. IT FELT AMAZING. I had 3 folks serving me right. Then I got on all fours and started sucking the guy off while one chic got underneath me and ate me out as I sat on her face and the other chic started licking my azz. This shyt was kinda crazy but I was LOVING it. This chic had me catching nutt after nutt. Then the guy took on the dominate role. He told me to get in the swing legs open and I did. He commanded both girls to take turns eating me out while he took turns fyckin them from behind. Sure i was getting turned on by the head I was getting, but the sight of him slamming his cock in these chics so hard and so rough was turning me on a little more. I wanted it, but he was in control. Finally it was my turn...One girl grabbed on of my arms and the other grabbed the other one he started eating me out like it was no tomorrow. He stuck his fingers inside so it would know when I was coming and when I was about to it stood up and just thrusted himself inside me so deep and so hard all I could do was scream. That seemed to turn him on. Because he just started pounding on my yng tight puzzy faster then the girl b4. I couldnt believe how it was feeling I started to cumm all over again.. And i couldnt move because they were h olding my legs. His girlfriend wa getting wet just watching it. She was dripping as she kept begging him Fyck her harder Daddy. Harder then u do me. I wanna she u fyck her damnit!! And that he was doing...

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nothing turns me out like two mouths on both holes....

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