just wanted to add this picture of my elf ...and i forgot ....  

rm_XxXbutterfly 51F
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12/5/2005 5:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

just wanted to add this picture of my elf ...and i forgot ....

.to tell ya .. i got a new piercing. actually .. i had this piercing before. didnt know anyone at the time with one like it.. the tattoo place never heard of it . so as far as i knew i made it up .. had for a few years then during violence .. someone tore it out .. i liked the piercing obviously or i wouldnt have had it .. but never got the reason or was healed enough to have it there again.. well i did last week............. and like the first time.. i had it done for me ... so it s good for me to know.. ill take a picture or something of it and show you .. its nothing like a clit or something .. besides .. i said it was something no one else .. that anyone i ve seen or read or talked to or heard about has.. women with clit piercings arent common but everyones seen it on one of em by now. its nothing that sexually explicit.. i already have my nipple pierced. so anyways.. it s kinda red now and i d rather wait til it s not red. im going to do what i havent done today .. i was going to go take someone up on their offer this afternnon to go play but the afternoon got away from me . and i hate being the first one to call .. so .. wanna jack off with me?

alegluver 60M
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12/11/2005 7:01 am

well, the 5th has cum and gone....i missed that opportunity..

but the good news is,

that next time you miss a "meeting" or feel the need,

i do road service !

i do hope that you found some fast relief! its too bad they don;t make a pill for that...like TUMS or something when you feel like a nut, ya know? take this, and it'll all be better soon ~

hell, if that were available, NOTHING would get done in MANY offices that i know of...or cars, or store rooms.....
thats why we need each other ! see, i can do things a pill can't...yet.

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