hey wait a minute ....  

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1/24/2006 12:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hey wait a minute ....

i think im so usually meaning something when i write that last post got mistaken for meaning something .

oops .. its my fault . i didnt say " hey .. this doesnt meant shit " .. let me tell you how i came about the context of that last entry ..

the " well i tried to make it sunday but i got so damn depressed " is simply the first words of a song titled "sister golden hair " that i had just got done downloading and listening to.. its an old song but i like it .. its a good one to sing to and i like to sing..

the pull out doesnt sound to manly to me bill part came out because one of my kids had just uttered the words pull out . in reference to something not having anything to do with sex . everytime i hear someone say pull out or pull it out . the old george carlin bit about pullout doesnt sound too manly to me bill . etc etc. comes to mind.. and that usually leads me to my other favorite part .. the bit about the seven dirty words and tits not even belonging on the list ... on that old george carlin cassette (and it was a cassette back when i was listening to it at a gal friends house .. getting high .. and swimming nude .. and playing quarters where you cant say the words drink drank or drunk or point cuz then you have to consume .. note i was careful not use the word (d r i n k) .. shh dont tell anyone.. .. or else you have to consume more beer . and come to think of it .. was there at that friends house . i took a qualude . knew i was .. umm.. impaired by it .. when her brother came in and he was standing in the door way and he was upside down but everything else was right side up . and no he wasnt standing on his head . its also the day i had my first so called threesome. so called cuz it was more like she rides him then i ride him then we're done. nothing more . or less. and that was around the time . i uttered a few words to this day .. me and my friends crack up about . .. i had been drinking .. and going out with a guy much old er then i was who was in a band . pretty good one at that . anyways . for whatever reason . i wasnt in bed with him .. i was in bed with his drummer .. he was cool . pretty damn cute... and i was drunk . and young . and pretty wild . but a straight A student who all the teachers and seniors and parents and stuff liked very well .. we had em snowed .. not really .. my friend vickie and i were wild but good really bright young adulte .. and we just were able to communicate naturally with people of all ages.. kids loved us too. ) whatever . who cares. anyways . i had been with the band at their "gig" and somehow arrived in bed with the drummer instead of the boyfriend of mine who played guitar and sang vocals .. and this may completely ruin my chance of getting to meet some of you .. but you;ll be wrong youll think the wrong thing . cuz actually ... in real life im not loose at all .. in fact im so tight im make my partners dick sore.. but .. a bunch of years ago.. when i was really really drunk . this drummer guy was apparently fucking me and to this day i still question that .. but whatever .. he was supposedly fucking me and i asked him " is it in yet ?" yeah . yep .. i wasnt joking . or trying to be funny or anything . i apparently was irritated and wanted it in and well it was in already . we werent fucking anymore after that . but i didnt care . he wasnt my boyfriend anyways . thru the years that little slip up has been recalled and laughed about alot. and you can well imagine how much we got a kick out of the commercial .. where they keep asking "is it in yet " ? i dont even remember what the commercial was for but i remember it bringing a smile to my face every time it came on ..

so .. thats . how i got the that last entry to my blog. i felt like writing something in my blog . was completely unable to focus on any one thing or two out of all the up down around in between fair not fair sick sad orgasmic disappointing and all out fucked up fucking stupid i want to fuck stuff that was going on that day and around that time . i wrote it . so i just ad lib ed (remember those mad libs .. ) whatever was floating around in my mind to grab and jot down .
no meaning to it.
nothing more then a an old song i just heard and some old george carlin bits that came to mind when my kid said " pull it out" . to his sisters boyfriend about i believe . a game or movie that he obviously wanted pulled out . of whatever .. the ps2 probably ..

rm_44doc 56M
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1/25/2006 9:28 am

" This woman sure could be a friend of mine..." I do enjoy your posts... you are an intriguing individual indeed. When I realized what song you were talking about... I sure related. And your further explaination here... ah, can relate there as well. I did a few ' ludes ' in my time.... Rorer.. 714's.... lol ! Ah, as you allude to... 'the days of youth'. How did we survive??

I do so find your posts interesting. I have attempted a msg. / email before - with a pic... a clothed one! ha but, to no avail...
You are an interesting person I must say again.... 'could be a friend of mine'...

Hope you have a good day today

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