Do u feel like ur being watched?  

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2/16/2006 9:31 am

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2/25/2007 6:25 pm

Do u feel like ur being watched?

This will probably hit home with some pet will be absolutely foreign to those that have never had pets or been around animals.

Is it wrong to have sex in front of pets? Are their minds being corrupted by their masters play? Not to mention its somewhat cruel if you've had them spade or neutered. They just give you that look and think 'they get to have all the fun screwing around and all I get is a friggin chew toy/catnip etc.'

Most pet owners at some point and time have all experienced the cold nose in a personal place at a most inappropriate time or rolled over to see a big set of eyes staring back at them saying 'whatcha doin? can we go for a walk now? Could u feed me now please? Aren't you finished yet? etc.' Its almost always awkward at best, sometimes absolutely hilarious, and occasionally dangerous - a tough one to explain in the ER .

Sometimes you feel like they're cheerleaders - the dog's saying 'do it doggie style man! it works for me...' or the cat's saying 'u don't even know what real pussy is dear...' Other times they like to get more involved. The cat just won't get off the bed so she digs in with her claws and hangs on for dear life (and you hope there's not a sudden lunge for any private parts ) or the dog decides to howl in unison with his master(s)or take a 'toy' for chewing. I don't really consider fish a pet but if you have fish and things get a little freaky and the aquarium takes a lick then the fishes get to spend the nite in a bowl or the closest water container you can find.

I guess the PSA here, if there is any, is put up your pets before the heavy petting begins or expect an audience. Of course nobody will when the passion ignites cause its go time and the pets...well..they can take care of themselves . Just don't be surprised what happens when they're left to themselves.

rm_Xtra_innings 43M

8/11/2006 9:32 am

So he's a lover and not a I'll bet that was quite a sight. Did they cuddle and have a smoke afterwards? Did he put on a robe and sashay to the bathroom with his tail seductively showing? LOL Well you wouldn't expect a cat to want to go at it doggie style anyway...I mean that's for dogs right. Thanks for reading and I hope u enjoyed...I'd like to write more if I only had the time but alas life moves at such a hectic pace for me. Have a great weekend and ttys hopefully!

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