Road trip part 2  

rm_Xneedfun35X 47M
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5/6/2006 11:01 am
Road trip part 2

And when we arrive at the cabin it is dark out and there it a frost on the ground. I have you leave your blouse undone and tell you to come with me. As you get out of the car I see your nipples get hard fast from the cold. As we enter it is as black as night inside I have you follow me in and tell you to stay where you are and not to move as I go to turn on the power. I am gone only a few seconds when the light come on and I hit you with the control and hold it for a short time just to get your attention. I come and have you sit in a chair facing me so that I can keep an eye on you as I start the fire to warm up the place. As you are sitting there I ask you to spared your legs and lift up your dress. I can see from where I am that you are still very wet. I ask that you start to play with yourself but just to rub yourself all over and not to touch your pussy at all. As you rub yourself you are getting hotter and hotter. Your nipples could cut glass and you are ready to explode. And every time you come to close to your pussy I hit the control sending you into even more of a fit. I then take the remote and turn it on and off several times until I have you screaming for me to fuck you. I now have the fire going and ask that you join me on the floor. As you get close I take one and then the other of your nipples into my mouth getting them good and wet, I then blow softly on them making you shiver. I lay back and ask that you undo my pants and take them off for me. I then ask that you rub my dick and stork it you mouth is watering for it to be in your wet pussy but I want you to suck on it. As you are doing that I hit the control to get you to jump. I then slid my hand up your dress slowly rubbing your pussy through the thin fabric of your panties, they are dripping wet I then move them to the side and slowly pull out the egg and tell you to swing your legs over top of me so that we are in a 69. I lift your dress out of the way and blow on you pussy making you wiggle all over. I then take my tongue and run it up your wet panties nibbling a little to make you wiggle even more. I then pull them to the side and do the same to your pussy. Coming back down to insert my tongue as far as I can into it. I then start to suck, lick, nibble, and blow on it. I rub it with my fingers and ever so slightly insert one just a little. Then I stop from behind me I take a dildo I had put there when we came in. and bring that to just touch your pussy I then slowly start to insert it and you gasp from this new feeling. I keep taking it in… and out…. Slowly. As you get closer and closer to climaxing you suck on me even harder. I pick up my pace and start to run the dildo in as hard and as fast as I can. Then all at once I start to shoot my load into your mouth and as you start to climax I pull the dildo out and insert my tongue back into your pussy and rub your clit between my fingers. I feel your pussy throb and grab my tongue. We are both hot and sweaty all over and can barley catch our breath. You are still laying on top of me and I take the egg and slid it back into your wet pussy and tell you that for the rest of the weekend you will have to keep that in and can only take it out when you need to go to the bath room or I take it out. I then put my arm around your waist and hit the control and hold it again until you cum. The whole time I am licking and sucking on your pussy. I then roll you off of me and let you stay there to come back down and collect yourself and go out to the car for our things. As I walk out the door I tell you that the night is not over yet. And wink and give you a short hit from the egg.

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