Seeking Amazon Guards and Maenads  

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6/18/2005 12:15 am

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Seeking Amazon Guards and Maenads

Do the amazons of ancient myth fascinate you too? Were you a fan of Xena, Queen of the Amazons? Would you like to live an anacronistic metaphor of an amazon -- to play the role to the hilt?

Seeking young, single, attractive women 18-35 and 5'-8" or taller who are at least bi-curious (but not lesbians), who would like to form a reinactment group that will become the guards of a hedonistic group or retreat. You will dress, act and speak as an amazon of old myth and be taught the manual of arms of the weapons of the amazons as well as equestrian skills. You will wear the short tunic of the amazons, which leaves one breast always exposed, sometimes with Skythian trousers, the helmet, belt, cloak and greves of an ancient Greek warrior and carry the amazon crescent-shaped shield equipped with daggars and darts inside the shield. Unlike amazons of old myth, your exposed breast will not be destroyed because it hinders you in battle. You'll be taught to wear a Greek "kopis" (sword) suspended from a baldric and to become proficient in sword fighting with both kopis and the Roman gladius. You'll learn close order phalanx tactics using thrusting spear and shield; learn loose and open order skirmish tactics and to fight with a javeline or ax hand-held or thrown; become quick and proficient with a daggar, held or thrown; and learn cavalry tactics becoming a skilled foot or horse archer and learn to hunt with the ancient sling, bow, or javeline. Ancient Greek style wrestling and boxing will be taught; as well as general track and field athletics and swimming. Modern hand-to-hand fighting and police tactics will round out the training.

The goal is to create a "taxis" (company) of 64, or a "syntagma" (division) of 128 hoplite-amazons plus their skirmishing auxiliaries and cavalry. The purpose is to use a guard of amazon warriors for providing the security for a hedonists' retreat. Some will be full-time live-in amazons, while still others will be allowed to practice across one weekend a month. Relocation may be required.

The amazons were close allies with the maenads in the army of the God Dionysios according to myth, so women who are not tall enough to be amazons can become maenads. Other categories include sirens, muses, nymphs, sprites, vestals, demi-goddesses, etc. in this reprise of the ancient Elysium.

Any woman interested should contact me at my regular profile address. Capable instructors in any of the above skills are also encouraged to write.

-- Xanthippos

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