You Are here for Sex or love ? :-S  

rm_XThug_LifeX 33M
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5/31/2006 7:03 am
You Are here for Sex or love ? :-S

im asking this fuckin question coz many females are pretending.

i saw girls talking about " i won`t invlove in sex with someone i don`t love"

and "i`m here to find my soulmate , after that we can have sex"

really ??

oh i forgot , you are the young well educated high class bitch ain`t you ?

or you wanna find an excuse to have sex ?

why can`t you bitchs get it ?

there is no need for an excuse to talk about sex - have sex .

or you want to prove something to yourself before you have sex ?

maybe this is because you enjoy people asking to have sex with you ?

i dunno , this is all fucked up .. we are here riding .. hunting for a fuck , flirty call or any fuckin kind of pleasure .

you are here to satisfy your animal instinct.

if you bitch want love , you can find it in other many places.

i`m afraid that here you can only find players looking for a bitch screaming loud when they stick the game inside her .. call me name , It`s Thug heaven here .. no polite shy girls .

you are supposed to be bitches ready to satisfy anytime , hungry for sex , enjoy it , do it for free .

am i wrong ?

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