My earliest vivid memory.....  

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10/25/2005 11:40 am

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My earliest vivid memory.....

Well, from the positive responses I got from the last post where I decided to tell the story of me, I figure I should keep going.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read what I have so far. Sometimes I wish I could be telling these to people face to face though.

Ok here goes...(Warning:May not be suitable for the feint of heart.)

I think I must have been 4 years old at the time, because I wasn't yet in Kindergarten. My brother and sister had just been born, and my family had moved into a duplex in a rather poor neighborhood.

With twin babies in the house, the garbage had to be taken out on a daily basis. So it became a sort of ritual for my father and I. When he came home, he would bag up the main garbage and it was my duty to go and bag up the little sack in the bathroom.

My dad would haul out the big bag and I would scamper along behind him lugging the little bag.

He would deposit his in the big green hopper in the alley behind our yard, and then lift me up so I could toss in mine.

One day, my father stopped in the middle of the yard as we made our way to the alley, so he could light up a smoke. I rushed passed him, because it was the commercial break for the He-Man cartoon, and I didn't want to miss a second of Skeletor's comeuppances.

I bounded down the little hill to the hopper, which at the time seemed like a mountain to me. My dad was a few paces behind, warning me to be careful.

As I reached the bottom of the hill, I saw him.

It was the body of a well dressed African American man. Someone had shot him in the head, or maybe beaten him so badly half his head was gone, but regardless he was in bad shape. At some point, whoever had done this to him, dumped his body by our hopper.

I remember standing there holding my little bag of bathroom garbage, looking at the mess, and hearing my father ask what I "Had over there".

When he finally saw it, my father didn't freak out and pull me away to shield me from the spectacle.

He calmly opened the hopper, looked around for a second and put in his bag of garbage. Then, as if today were no different than any other, he lifted me up so I could throw in mine.

Somewhere down the alley, someone was listening to a radio, probably in their garage while fixing a car. The song was D'yer Maker by Led Zeppelin. I remember how loud that music seemed.

As my father put me back down, he held me in place and told me something I will never forget.

"Someone did that to this man because he made them very angry. Don't ever make anyone so angry that they want to do this to you, unless you know you can do this to them first."

I don't remember if I said anything or not. But I know I didn't cry or anything. If my father would have freaked out and made it seem as bad as it really was, I probably would have cried. But my dad wasn't scared, so why should I be?

After he said what he said, he picked me back up and carried me back into the house. I remember him saying something to my mother, and her asking all kinds of questions. But I never got to see the rest of that episode of He-Man, because my mother, brother, sister and I got packed up and taken to my grandmother's house for the rest of the night.

The next morning, we went home and everything was pretty much the norm. Except I didn't help my dad take out the garbage anymore.

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10/26/2005 9:00 am

I guess your dad had a point there... Too bad you missed the rest of the He-man episode!

Hugz E.


10/26/2005 9:56 am

Strange some of the things we remember from way back in our childhood and how without really realizing it they leave a silent scar on us.


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