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1/19/2006 1:10 pm

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Old Grouch thoughts

As I sit here on the old grouch couch I have fleeting thoughts about so many things I often fall asleep and I forget if I mentioned these things before. But that's your job...to read this and see if it seems familiar

Chat room courtesy - Is it considered proper to enter a chat room and immediately demand others in the room recognize you? Or should you enter the room and wait for others to recognize you before you interrupt an ongoing discussion? Is it ok to enter a room and immediately post a request for folks to respond if they live on the earth or are breathing?? If you do that and get iggiot listed should you be upset cause nobody will respond? So you post a nasty comment or go off on a tangent about how bad the room sucks and the people in it are all phony? So wondering - is it a problem to take a few minutes to read and see what is being said or just like in a bar do you just walk up to the big crowd and holler..which of you bitches wanna fuck and where is your room?? Oh and bring some beer when the taxi gets here to pick us up..and be sure you have change for the drivers tip cause you get me so you have to pay!!

Ok...how come there are no fat old guys besides me in a chat room? Every guy on here is fit...works out all day and is hung like king kong....Wait..I am in shape.....sumo wrestlers are athletes too!!!

Gues this couch needs a new set of springs cause something is poking my thigh....hmm...well for now....have to go figure the wire size for a 3 phase 480 volt 180 amp load located 1500 feet from the source.....have a great day...be safe

The old Grouch

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