Sexiest Memory  

rm_Wolf_James 42M
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5/11/2006 1:35 pm

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12/16/2006 9:28 am

Sexiest Memory

If I may be so bold as to ask you a question, what is the single sexiest moment that you have ever experienced? That unforgettable memory, the thing that flashes through your head just as you make your self cum, what follows is mine, I’d love to know yours?

I hadn’t seen my girl friend V in about 5 days and when I went over to see her it was really intense from the moment we met. She was a gorgeous little girl from Belfast. She was a slim dark haired little pixie with big tits, beautiful olive skin, pouty red lips, brown eyes and a silky wet pussy to die for, we had a really great connection. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and when we kissed I nearly fainted with the excitement.

She wouldn’t let me tear her clothes off though. She caressed and teased me until I couldn’t even think straight. Then she suggested we go down to a local bar for a drink. She picked a quite corner in this wine bar. We kissed and touched each other wantonly until it was nearly unbearable, she was smiling at me and telling me how much she wanted me inside her. It was excruciating but at the same time divine. She was nuzzling up to my neck kissing it and breathing on to me. She was running her hand through the hair at the top of my neck and then placing her hand in my lap, touching my cock. I was just totally under her control.

I could feel the wetness of her lips as she whispered in my ear. “touch me, put your hand between my legs”. I would have fucked her right there if she had let me. I would have done anything for her, she could have told me to rob the place and I would have. Just the thought of what this was going to be like was making me rock hard. I slid my hand between her legs and then my middle finder in the slid of her panties. Her pussy was soaking and hot. I could not take any more, finally I took her up to my hotel room. We stopped about four times on the way up to kiss. It was those really mind blowing kisses where you just cannot get enough. She was grinding against me with her pelvis, I could barley walk with the boner I had at this stage. I felt light headed it was such a rush. We kissed hungrily, pulling together like two magnets.

She is so wet I can feel her pussy juice through her panties as I grab her ass cheeks in both hands. This drives my wild I start to lift her up to take her to the bed. “Sit down over there baby” she says motioning to the chair. The room has one of those French style-dining chairs at he table. Slowly she un does the buttons on her blouse, then lifts her little skirt and slips her hand in to her panties and lets a moan out, looking me in the eyes so full of lust as she begins to pleasures her self. She straddles my right leg bites my neck sucking deliciously, clawing against me, grinding her pussy in to my hip. She kisses me holding my head, totally in charge of the seduction. She is smiling at me and telling me how sexy I am, I feel like I am being hypnotised, I’m just drifting away in her eyes. “If you are a good boy I will let you cum, would you like that baby”, my boxer shorts are wet with pre cum she has brought me up so often only to let it fade away again. She is close to the edge, raw with sexuality, unashamedly full of lust. I slip her panties off and my own trousers.

The head of my cock is swollen and like a rock she takes it to her pussy lips and rubs her clit over and over, I just don’t think I can hold on, its too much. She takes the head in and out tantalisingly, she is moaning into my ear you feel so good baby”. I am so hot and we are sweating so much as we kiss. She rubs her pussy on my stomach her hand is behind my neck for balance as she gyrates her groin against me. I can feel myself losing control; the pleasure is coming up from the instep of my feet to my groin. My vision has gone all white my head is so light, my ears are ringing as the blood is rushing around my head.

This is the moment I remember most clearly, the moment I remember to get myself excited when I touch myself. She had both hands behind my neck and was moving up an down on my stomach and I am looking under her right arm at her body when I noticed her look at her own right nipple which was about two inches away from my chest. She moved forward ever so slightly so that her nipple was rubbing against my chest as she moved und down 3 or 4 more times let a cry and we just hit one of those orgasms where you just go into spasm together, twitching away uncontrollably, no drug can take you there or give you a rush like this, very memorable!

So what about you?

dimplesfouryou 47F
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9/24/2006 3:02 pm

Holy hell! That was increadible! Thanks for sharing!


rm_Wolf_James 42M
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9/25/2006 11:22 am

Hi Dimples, you are welcome, the pleasure was mine!

rm_cjcj9 42F
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10/9/2006 5:05 pm

I'm really late for this one, but that was very nice.

rm_PEPPER654 52F

12/16/2006 8:48 am

i loved it, made me visualize every step, every motion, wished i had beenthe one doing this to you!!!!!

very sensual. vey hottt.

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