A wonderful flogging  

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8/29/2006 9:18 am

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A wonderful flogging

I have dabbled in BDSM over the years, and it can be fantastically passionate if your lover is into such things. Shari loved being tied up and flogged, and I loved to please her. So when she and I finally got together after fifteen days of being apart, we were ready for some bondage and discipline, and some good loving. We had talked about this on the phone and we were both having dreams about each other. My dream was of her on top of me with those fabulous, huge breasts of hers laying soft and warm on my chest as she smiled down at me from under her falling hair and made love to my cock, which I dreamed was deep up inside of her. That dream woke me up stiff and needing her, and she was having very similar dreams of me, but more violent ones. She was dreaming of ropes and the flogger, and me taking total control of her and fucking her hard. We talked on the phone and shared all of this, getting each other ready for our meeting.

We got together after I was through at work on a Tuesday afternoon. She was already standing there as I opened the front door, with a very big smile on her face, and we greeted with hugs and deep kisses. We walked right into the bedroom, I dropped my toy bag on the floor, and I backed her right up to the bed with that huge smile on her face and sat her down and laid down on top of her to give her some more deep kisses, and she spread her knees and took me into her arms with her legs wrapped around me too....smile. I had missed her so much, and I so needed her.

Finally I pushed myself back up and got off the bed to stand over her, and I began to take her blouse off. She sat up and quickly started to help me, then I turned away and quickly got out of my clothes, in record time. My last coherent thought as I laid my underpants down on the pile on the floor was whether or not to take my socks off, and I thought “To hell with it!” (smile), and went over to her now naked body and took those awesome tits into my two hands and leaned over to suck on her nipples. I have never loved a woman with bigger, more beautiful tits. They were H-cups and as round and full as one of those impossibly perfect goddesses on those murals in India. I was so lucky! My cock was already hard as I crawled on top of her, and she hugged my head as she moaned from my greedy suckling on her nipple. I kept at it as we fell backward on the bed, and she began to arouse beneath my greedy hungry mouth and my poky cock resting on her belly. I kept sucking and licking and chewing her breasts until she finally was gasping and rolling side to side beneath me as she came in a shaking, shouting, swearing orgasm. It had been a LONG time without sex for us.

As she caught her breath, I went over to my toy bag and got out the long length of inch-thick smooth black rope that I use for tying a body harness. Right in the middle of the rope is a loop and a knot. The loop is big enough to slip over her head and then lay down generously on her neck and chest with the knot lying right between and slightly above the top of her breasts. She smiled and “mmmmmed” as I dropped it over her head and gently pulled her hair out from under it. Then I took the two dangling long ends and gently wrapped them down and under her breasts, and then around her back, where I reached around and crossed them over between her shoulder blades and brought them back around to the front up under her arm pits and right across the top of her breasts, back to the loop again. All this time she is purring warm little noises and helping me by lifting her arms, and then I loop the two ends through the big loop around her neck on either side, and then proceed to drape the black rope back across the top of each breast towards her side, and then loop it gently but tightly underneath and around each breast about three times, pulling each breast up from her chest and forward in the tightly wrapped coils of it. Then I finished the job by tying the end of the ropes once again to the loop around her neck up in front between her now distended and roundly engorged breasts. The sight was marvelous! The skin over her round fabulous h-cups was tight as a drum, smooth, and slowly turning flushed as it heated up from the blood warmed under her swollen, engorged flesh, and her nipples popped out in the center of it all delightfully.

She now lay back on the bed in front of me and pulled her knees up, putting her feet up on the bed as I reached over into my bag and pulled out my fifteen inch long black forty-tailed flogger. As she lay there I reached over her knees and struck her lightly right across her left breast, and she cried out and tried to role away from the slight sting of the lash. Then I struck her right breast lightly, but sharply, and she rolled back, moaning ands swearing about how good it felt. I continued to lightly work the flogger back and forth in a cross-wise motion between her engorged, rope bound breasts, and then I moved down across her belly, and finally to her thighs. I continued the rhythm of striking her on one side then the other, but then I moved to the outside of her thighs as she wreathed back and forth with her knees clutched together. Then I touched her knee with my right hands and gently but forcefully pushed her knees apart and began striking her on the sensitive insides of her thighs. She swore again and moaned and willingly spread her knees wide for me. Finally began a series of light but slightly stinging underhand strikes against her pussy, the middle of the flogger tails hitting her right on her mons, and the stinging tips on the soft flesh under her buttocks. At this she spread her knees even wider and lifted her bottom up off the bed towards me, offering her pussy up for my lashing. She moaned even louder and started to shake her head back and forth as she once again built up towards an orgasm.

But before she could cum I stopped for a second, grabbed both of her knees, and pulled her towards me as I stood at the side of the bed. I then lifted her up and thrust my cock inside her already wet pussy lips and felt the hot wetness of her insides grab for my cock as she began to fuck me wildly with her hips. I still stood as I pounded into her on the edge of the bed, and once again I struck her with the flogger across her left and right breasts, back and forth again and again as I fucked her deeply and she tossed back and forth and cried out. I knew she was very close to her end and I struck her harder and faster, building up the speed and the sting of the strikes across the top of both of her nipples, until she finally shouted loudly and exploded underneath me. That was all it took! I exploded up inside her, and then the flogger was dropped on the bed as we both grabbed each other and our hips thrust deeper and deeper towards each other as we both just held on for dear life and orgasmed together.

There was more of this. One of my gifts is the ability to stay hard after coming and to just keep fucking, though I usually tone down the rhythm and speed after orgasm so that we both can collapse, sweating, in each other’s arms and catch our breaths as our hips insistently continue to fuck one another. So I don’t think I actually came out of her pussy for at least the next twenty or thirty minutes.

Through all of this she orgasmed repeatedly, and grandly, each time shouting and screaming and moaning, and shaking, and clawing, and rolling back and forth beneath me. All I could do was hang on for dear life and enjoy the bucking, tumbling ride as I kept up the rhythm and continued to make her cum.

The energy we built up was fantastic, and the heat between us was sweltering, but finally she needed to really catch her breath for a moment, and I needed to move out of her and change the pace myself. So I pulled out of her, grabbed the flogger on the bed, and violently began to striker her again across her breasts as she gasped and screamed. I grabbed her arm and rolled her over on to her belly as I furiously flogged her back and her bottom and her thighs, and she moaned and swore and screamed in pleasure beneath my furious assault on her body.

Finally I reached over and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up on her knees and entered her pussy from behind. I furiously started pounding into her as I continued to flog her across her back until she orgasmed again on the end of my pounding cock, and I came once again way up inside of her.

But now her back was red from my beatings, as were her breasts and thighs, and her skin was shiny with sweat as she put her head down on the bed beneath her and she simply surrendered on her knees, gasping deeply for air, limp muscled, and no longer capable of anything except kneeling there, her ass offered up in front of my cock.

So I did what I needed to do at that moment, I took a finger and wet it up inside of her unresisting pussy, and then stuck it up inside of her ass. She moaned and mumbled “noooo” as I worked my finger up and down in her ass loosening up her sphincter, reading her for me. I then grabbed my cock and positioned its head up against her ass hole, rubbed it up and down to spread the wetness before thrusting up inside of her bowels. She shouted as I entered her, but then she thrust herself back on my cock and started to fuck me just as much as I was fucking her. She moaned, and then told me that no man has ever felt so good up in her ass as I do, and she matched my love making thrust-for-thrust.

I knew she was near exhaustion, and so was I, so I grabbed her waist from behind as I thrust inside of her, and we fell over onto our sides on the bed, and she lifted her knee up in the air to let me squirm around under her and fit in deeper, as I continued to thrust up inside of her ass. The moans again rose to shouts and swearing, and claims of joy as she heated up towards her umpteenth orgasm again, and I was also thrusting harder and deeper and holding on once again for the roller coaster ride that I knew was coming, and then suddenly we were both there again, and we came together, and now I shouted and growled right along with her as I shot my load way up inside of her guts.

This time we finally really rested and caught our breath. We were spooned together lovingly, and I was still hard and up inside of her ass, but now we just lay there in each others arms, trying not to move very much...smile. But every little spasm of her pussy got an answering jerk from my cock. She giggled and swore and again told me how wonderful I am. I again thanked all the Gods and Goddesses there ever were for bringing her into my life, into my arms, and onto my cock. I untied the rope binding up her beautiful, wonderful breasts. We both laughed as she sighed when I let them free, and we looked at the marks the ropes left behind on her skin.

Later, we made love again that night, and I came a third time within her, but not until after we had gotten up and taken a shower to clean up and refresh. Now the fury was over and past us, even if the passion was not, and this time our lovemaking was more conventional and less violent. But she came again several more times before I came my third.

The next morning it was cuddling and pillow talk. We talked about her family and mine, and we talked about other lovers and each other. We have both had other lovers before but now we are looking for women and couples together to invite into our world of sweat, and fire, and passion.

After talking the morning up from darkness into light, we finally made love again, gently this time, but just as passionately. Again she had several of her fabulous, hang-on tight orgasms, and I had two of my own. Then we showered and got dressed, and headed out into the world together.

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