A World of Firsts in an Unexpected World  

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5/31/2006 4:56 pm

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A World of Firsts in an Unexpected World

If someone would have asked me a year ago if I would like to try bondage I probably would have said not in a million years. However, over the last 6 months, my man has exposed me to light bondage. I am a person who must be in control at all times, or as much as possible. Therefore, it has been really shocking to find that not only am I liking bondage, but I am the sub and reliquish control very easily.

It started with just tying me up and telling me that I am not allowed to cum until he tells me to. Sound easy? Not when he is so actively playing with my clit and using a vibrator. This was just the beginning of my journey as a sub into the realm of bondage and the opening of Pandora's Box.

Then he tied me up another time but only by my wrists. I was totally naked, the curtains were wide open and he led me through the house by the rope from one room to another, stopping once in a while to play and then back to leading me through the house. He bent me over a chair and spanked my tender ass, making me so wet and horny I could hardly stand it. Finally, my Dom gave me permission to cum and it was the most powerful orgasim I have ever had, the feeling ran through my entire body.

Then at a party one night we met another couple where the female was the Dom and the male the sub. He was tied up and the Dom gave me a lesson in flogging her sub. While this was very enjoyable, the Dom asked if there was anyone interested in experiencing being flogged.....of course I jumped at the opportunity! While I was being flogged another woman who had been watching asked permission to join in. She started playing with my clamped nipples and started licking my cunt after she ate ice cubes. Phenominal

Since then we had a play date with the Dom and her sub. This time; however, the flogging session was all mine I was blind folded and led into the basement by the Dom, the sub and my man. The three of them tied me up, put on nipple clamps and then the flogging started. There were several items used on my tender ass and back soft rope, ping pong paddles, bamboo cane and even gardening tools were used LOL. It didn't take long and I was begging my floggers for permission to cum.

My man has exposed me to many "firsts" over the last 6 months and I look forward to many more; however, my favorite is the bondage. It has allowed me to experience orgasims like I never thought possible. It has also allowed me to feel safe enough to give up control for just a little while, once in a while. I can't wait to be tied up, spanked and/or flogged again. I also look forward to the next first my man gives me on this fantastic journey we are on together.

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