The fantasy I dream of and hunger for..  

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9/9/2006 11:45 pm
The fantasy I dream of and hunger for..

After a night out, dancing, club hopping, assorted drinks and flirting with a number of women, none of them producing the slightest spark in me. There she is. The kind of woman time is a slave for, everything around her slows and blurs into dreamlike states, leaving her in crystal clear, painful focus. I can feel everything from as if from a distance, heart throbbing in slow, thunderous beats, breath slowed down to a crawl. The objectivity, the casual attitude, the lust, drains away.

She glides in, her eyes staring into mine, burning themselves into my mind. Beautiful, timid, aggressive, pure, tainted, saintly, sinful, it all flashes through those heart stopping eyes in the course of those seconds that last lifetimes. And with her impish smile in place, a flip of her hair over her ear, time comes crashing back into motion as she continues into the room.

With it, the emotions. The lust, the burning, overwhelming desire to taste her lips, feel those sexy legs pressing me deeper into her, tasting her pussy while she moans, having her cum fill my mouth....The longing, to be the one she smiles her special smiles for, to inspire her laughter, to make her feel beautiful and loved, to cherish her for that passion she's seared my soul with in a mere glance. The adventure, of exploring her mind, of exploring her body, of weaving myself into her soul and making a connection heaven and hell cannot break.

My body is trembling from the force of emotion tearing through me, everything I've done, everything I've seen, everything I've suffered, made worthwhile in a moment, a glance, filled with everything my heart has ever burned for. Muscles spasming, stomach churning, heart throbbing painfully, I begin to take deep breaths to regain control of myself after having my world turned upside down.

My pulse is slowing, one by one, I relax my muscles. Breathing, relaxing, focusing, I slowly regain control. No matter what I do, the hunger for her and all she represents doesn't calm, it's almost another entity outside of me.

I look around, searching, and at last, I see her. The prize that can't be won, the goal, the result I was never sure existed. She's at a table, drinking. She feels my eyes on her and looks up, then quickly back down at her drink. I notice her blushing, something in my eyes must have been obvious. I smile to myself, making a woman blush is always a good sign.

I begin to walk over to her, working my way through the indistinct faces around me. Noticing the bumbling losers around her, feeling like a wolf among sheep. Only, I'm unsure of whether or not it is myself or her that is prey.

I crowd some guy out of my way and sit down. Placing my rum and coke on the table. She suddenly becomes very still and makes an effort to stare straight ahead. It's hard not to smile. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice her hand trembling and she keeps sneeking glances at me that I pretend to not notice.

As she turns her head to look at me, I suddenly turn and stare into her eyes. Her eyes lock onto mine and she seems frozen. This close, I can see her, really see everything about her. Her eyes are just as riveting as before. I also notice something else, she isn't what would fit everyone else's description of beautiful. But all the little flaws of her face, the quirks, make her stand out to me in ways that none of the plastic people in the room ever could.

She fascinates me, and despite what anyone else would say, just looking into her eyes makes my heart want to catch in my throat. All these things go through my mind in mere heartbeats, heartbeats that next to her seem to last for hours. Faintly being aware of the seconds tick by, I decide to act on the feelings I can't and won't, deny.

"Well...... if you're going to stare, you should at least tell me your name", I say, with a slight smile. Her jaw drops open and she doesn't know whether she should laugh or slap me (what a beautiful indecision). I use the moment of her confusion to lean forward, my neck inches from her mouth, my scent in her nose and say, "C'mon now, hun. I don't bite... really. Well (here I pause to make a slight purring sound in my throat), unless you ask me real nice like". As I slowly lean back, I pull my eyes across hers from inches away, letting her see the laughter in them and feel the smile even as she feels my warm breath.

If anything, she seems almost more at a loss. I love the bewildered look on her face. I lean back and laugh, a low, throaty chuckle. Everything seems to sink in and click in her mind, the tension seeps out of her body and she laughs with me, unable to stop herself. So I lean forward again, the ice having been broken and give her my hand. She tells me her name and I tell her mine, with a smile. Then I tell her, as I signal the bartender, that she can buy me a drink for making things feel so awkward. I look into her eyes and smile as I do so. Once again, she is caught by surprise, but this time, she laughs. She gives me the "You dirty bastard, I'm going to get you back" kind of look (one of my favorite, especially when given with a smile).

We talk and we drink, laugh and I make several movements practiced to seem like I'm going to brush against her when I go to do something. Of course, I'm careful not to, it's merely anticipation I want to build. A favorite song of mine starts up, I lean forward. Whispering into her ear, closer than I need to be, close enough for her to feel the heat of my breath, I make the purring sound again and tell her she's going to dance with. I look into her eyes after I say so and slowly nod my head up and down. She rolls her eyes but gives me a beautiful smile, the kind that you can't force and grabs my hand.

She dances with such grace and sexuality, I feel my hunger for her increase higher than it ever has for anyone, and double again. The smell of her is like a drug, I feel high and can't stop the smile or infectious laughter that bursts out. I feel so alive, so unfettered, so... free. She feels the laughter rumbling through my chest and looks up at me. She's biting her lower lip and the lights are catching her eyes perfectly, a sexier woman has never existed as she is in that moment. She slowly looks down from my eyes and stares at my lips. I grab her around the waist and lift her up onto her toes. So her lips can meet mine.

She puts her arms around my neck and the world go silent. I'm lost in the taste of her mouth and the warm feeling of her body as she molds herself to me. I only hear the roar of my heart and the feeling of life and warmth as it pulses through her body, molded into my arms.

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