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3/16/2005 5:21 pm

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I will have to say that I have had some very interesting emails this week. The guy that sended me the picture of his ear, that one truly losted me to what that meant. The one about my midget fantasy, Oh yes I am heaven with the thought of Hobbits! ~smiles~ The Hey Girl, I have been a woman since I was 15 years old but thanks for the thought.
Hugs to Sam and Terry, you both are one of a kind and your emails leave me with much thought!!! Johann, I would love the eggplant dish.
And to the well hung, very oral and what I can do for ya baby!!!, ain't going to happen. Sex is not just a body thing, it has to be mental also.

Three days down, three days to go this week!!! Half way there.....
Be well and play sane and safe...


3/16/2005 9:06 pm

AND HUGS BACK TO YOU for being such a warm and trusting person. In today’s environment of skepticism and negativity, it is rare to find someone who will openly respond and expose their private life to strangers. Your actions demonstrate fearlessness and optimism. You see the “GOOD” in people and believe that things are always getting better. These “VIRTUES” you have, make you as rare as the “Mohr’s Barbara Button”- an endangered flower found in the Cherokee County of Georgia.

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