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I attended college in the late 60s when the motto of the day was "Make Love, Not War". There was the hippie movement happening and plenty of Free love to go around.
A group of us found that living on the campus was pretty limited with house rules. So, we all pitched in together and found a large house for our lifestyle to be more open in. NO HOUSE RULES were a plus now! One could not ask for a better living arrangement ~smiles~
Two of our roomies were a set of 21 year old football player identical twins. Around 6 ft 1, very very well builted, blue eyed, long blond haired identical twins. To say the least very popular in the house and on campus. I had dated both of them at one time or another but never both until the beginning of spring break of that year. The three of us had planned to drive together home for the week. Having things to get done before leaving, we decided to leave late in the evening, drive all night and we would be home around 11 am the following morning. But when we were ready to take off, we had problems with the car and had to wait the following morning to get the needed parts.
Upset with the unexpected change of plans, we sat and had a beer together in the living room. The subject came up about our sexual fantasies. Listening to their's, I felted myself aroused. When it came to my turn.... I decided that my fantasy would have to be making love to both twins at the same time. After that was out and in the open, I watched as they quickly peeled off those tight jeans and I can tell you that they were almost identical there too!!! Sucking one off as the other rode me deep and then changing positions. Threesome showers, there was not a place in that house that was virgin when we were done.
Well, we did not leave the house that weekend at all until Monday afternoon. It was one of the most sexual experiences that I have known and will remain with me always....

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4/13/2005 3:53 pm

Great story..would love to hear more!!

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