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Divorced in 2000, after a 28 year marriage, dating was a bit ackward for me. Times had changed since my last date before marriage, along with the "rules" and attitudes in what was the it thing to do about the subject.
Eighteen months after my divorce, early one morning as I sat enjoying my cup of coffee down at the beach as I have done for the last 20 odd years living in Florida, I met an English gentleman that was in search of seashells to send back to London for his daughter. We started chatting and I ended up sharing my coffee with him. Much to my surprise the following morning, there on the beach pier, he stood smiling at me with a bag of bagels in his hand and an empty coffee cup. And this continued every morning like clockwork until we started to live together four months later. He was an engineer for the space shuttle program at the cape, a good 2 hour ride from where we met. A special witty man that smiled all the time and was one very sexy beast as he called himself in bed.
The first summer together, he surprised me with two airplane tickets to London to see the history and meet his family. He knew enough to start this off about seeing the history before the meeting his family part, due to my major in college was history and still very much a passion for me. But, I did meet the family first ~smiles~.
What can one say about being in London, it was overwhelming!!! But that would have to be in another blog....
He had arranged for us to go with a tour group to see a couple of the many castles there. I wore a simple skirt, sweater and boots to be comfortable and WARM in the cold castles.
The first was a beautiful estate but the tour guide would have bored one to tears. The first hour as we wandered with the group, I noticed he would take off a couple of times, thinking he had gone to the bathroom. Shortly he returned and whispered if I would care to slip off and go on a private tour with him. Happy to have a choice in the matter, the two of us quietly stood back behind the group and slipped out of sight.
Like being two naughty children, hand in hand, we ducked under a roped off area and ventured up a long set of winding stairs toward one of the many towers in the estate. In arriving at the top, we discovered the door was locked. The view from the window was beautiful. We sat down, excited about being so mischief and then a kiss. Not the normal "hi, I am home" or even the love kisses when we made love. This one was beyond any to that date he had given me. From his soul to mine, a different plane and we both were on the same level at that time, at that place.
Rising and pushing him back on to the stairs, I unzipped his pants and we made love for two hours on that stairway with the many sounds of the other tour groups coming from the bottom. We were in a world of our own, making our small part of history on a stair way that had for generations seem many footsteps.

In memory of Peter 29 October 1958 to 29 March 2004

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that was a beautiful story!!


4/14/2005 12:17 pm

Hope all the memories are this good.

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Adventures !!! You're having way too much fun, lol! Care to get locked into Neiman's at Northpark over night? We could destroy their bedroom displays... lol

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I should have been more thoughtful. I'm sorry for your loss.

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