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3/13/2005 11:04 am

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Coming into the house from yard work outside, a normal regular every day, a lazy weekend, you reading your Sunday paper and listening to an oldies station on the radio. I venture pass you with out a notice toward the bathroom for a shower. Sure was not like this in our beginning when we could not seem to keep our hands and lips off of each other for a minute....
As I am beginning to close the bathroom door, "our song" starts to play on the radio. The one we claimed for the many hours in the back seat of your dad's car.
Slowly to the steady beat, I come dancing your way, eyes looking into your's as my hips grind and sway. Unbuttoning my shirt with a wink and grin, showing you my bare shoulders, allowing the shirt to slip from my body for you to see. Your paper is now laying on the coffee table and you have come to the edge of your chair. Other things have come to attention also.. Touching my breasts as my body moves to the music, softly caressing to my nipples are hard. You come behind me and together we move against each other in this exotic dance......

carmel1950 70M

3/15/2005 6:58 pm

i grab your pulsating body and start massaging it and kissing the wet parts. We head to the shower and soap down and then to bed for love scene.

Dance time when you are ready. Will

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