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4/9/2005 8:17 pm

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He knows who he is and does not have to write a long profile of what he can do for another. His touches and actions have the knowledge where every thing is just right. His patiences. His understanding.
Thank you this today for giving me food for thought when we were together about many things. You asked to learn, I am willing to teach....

zenyen 67M

4/10/2005 6:24 am

I don't know how it is for the 50+ female here at AdultFriendFinder, but if you're a 50+ male, it seems you're pretty much eliminated from consideration. Basically, what I mean is that when I check someone's profile, the most frequent, and often the only reason, we're not a 100% match is my age (54). This is almost always true of anyone under 50, even if they're 48, 49, and really only a few years younger. It's also the case many times for people who are 51, 52, 53! I'm too old for them!? Hell, I look younger than most of those people, act younger, and am in better shape. If we just met out in real life, they wouldn't know I was 54; in fact, they'd probably think I was younger than them and that number wouldn't matter. What might happen then? But I'm not going to get that first meeting with a lot of people here. Is this true for you ladies, too?

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4/10/2005 6:02 pm

this is too true. i'm 50 and am getting the same shit.seems the ladies out there just see that age figure and automatically say "too old" little do they know what they are missing.the young guys can get it up really quick, but can they REALLY satisfy a lady? i doubt it. all they're interested in, is satisfying themselves.ladies, if you want to be treated well, find an older guy, one who has learned patience

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4/10/2005 6:58 pm

I find it amusing when a younger man will tell me that age is JUST a number. I quickly inform him that age is an experience.....
It is ashame that others do not see the many wonderful things an older lover can share with another....

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