rm_WickedFemale 63F
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4/21/2006 4:02 pm

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4/24/2006 9:45 am


every time I touch myself

I think of you

my hands turn into yours

soon I begin to soar

flying toward ecstasy

imaging you are there with me

like lightning strikes in the sky

my body becomes electrified

heat pulsing deep inside

my body begins to writhe

vibrating like thunder in the air

releasing my need,

pretending you are there.....

lil12pups 56M

4/21/2006 4:30 pm


1girlrevolution 47F

4/21/2006 5:45 pm

Nice. I have a long-distance love interest and what you stated is all I have with him. It's wonderful but I want his touch.


peaches19555 62M

4/22/2006 9:52 am

squeeze all the storms from my thighs until we find calm and our rainbow

biman4cplsfunwkn 51M

4/22/2006 5:29 pm

I am there, don't pretend
I feel your need, I become the one,
directing your touch, your thoughts,
Promises weaken you,
pent up release, my satifaction.
Your scent, the thrill and ecstasy,
we are one.
Lips quivering, back arched, tendons stretched.
I feel you and you know me,
in the shadows of your mind,
how long have you searched?
I direct. You are my vessel,
my hands are your hands
your release, mine.
Wicked Twice.

nontoxicmale 65M

4/24/2006 7:33 am

So many facets to you. Setting aside fears so that you might experience life to its fullest. In your writing and in your actions you display a willingness to take life head on. You are the quintessential adventurer. I truly admire that in you.

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