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4/24/2005 7:03 am

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HE: Hi, and thanks for giving me your screen name in this chat. I have been so excited that you finally agreed to talk with me. You must get a lot of hot emails....
ME: Good evening, well you have sent me at least 100 emails there this week and twenty invitations to my network. Thought that since you are making my mail box go over the limit here, should talk with you.
HE: I am different from the rest of those on the site. Stand tall at 6ft3, long black hair to my waist, blue eyes you can swim in and has a master degree in LUST. I note that you like a man that is smart...
ME: well, I look at the total package of the ones I meet. Education is important to me, but have never met someone with your degree. What do you seek?
HE: Someone that can have sex with me at a drop of a hat, give me a blowjob any time any where I want it, does not call or email me to bother me, that I don't have to wine and dine or spend money on, will clean my house and lock the door behind her when I am though with her as she leaves...
ME: Hmmmmm I see that the ladies are just beating your door down to be with you now. Send me your picture, with what you are saying you seek, you must look like Mel Gibson...
(Opens picture, an attractive face, nice eyes, yes very long hair, nice bod but naked at a jay bird)
ME: What is that you are holding in your hand? It is so small I can not make it out...
HE: Oh, that is my 10 inch cock, hard and ready for you, baby. Now does it just turn you on and make you want me?
(zooming in on picture and still failing to see what he is talking about)
Me: You know, I am just very sorry, but I am truly out of your league here. You are just too good for me, sugar.
HE: Hey, wait now, I can lower myself to your level. Do you do the sheets afterwards too and remake up the bed?

GrubbSpiesPangs 60M
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4/24/2005 3:42 pm

OMG!! now that is just toooooo funny. I can only guess the emails you get. Sigh, makes it hard for those of us who are just "normal" LOL tug

PleezinU77 64M  
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4/24/2005 8:18 pm

You are hilarious! I take it you've encountered some less than honest advertising on this site. (by the way, it DID measure ten inches - five up and five back down!

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