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4/4/2005 8:24 am

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This one of many words and thoughts yesterday just wrote an one word for Sunday and that was speechless. Today the reason why......
We had been exchanging normal "how is your day going" emails for a long time here. Met once for lunch and spend a couple of hours telling each other about things in our lives. This ended with just a simple kiss when we departed. We lived a distance apart, he is retired and loves to go and do things and I am working. We did not see each other for a long time after the first meeting.
Saturday in his normal email of daily happenings, he wrote something about meeting on Sunday. In return I told him that he had my phone number and I did not bite (which turned out to be a lie sometime Sunday afternoon).
A beautiful day for a boat ride and lunch together. Nothing planned, but once I looked at his smile and the deepness of those green eyes as we met on the slip, I began to wonder. Looking at his hands, I wondered how they would feel touching me and holding me. I desired his eyes to watch me, look at me with a tenderness that I have never seen before in one. As we sat together on the boat before leaving the dock, his kiss opened a flood gate within me that we both decide needed to be attended anchored somewhere more private.
Watching him with his boat as we rode over the waters, you could see the love of what he was doing. He was truly in his element and with this, I was comfortable in his present. Telling me of his many loves of nature and the outdoors, we both shared a bond. Both being Pisces, 2 days apart in our birthdays, the water was our common love.
In a quiet little cove, we went down into the cabin. A round bed of many pillows awaited us there. And with the waves rocking us, we made love for over 4 hours.
Yes, I felted my skin burn with his touch. His kisses deeper than the lake we were on. How we fitted and filled each other again.....Exchanging positions over and over. Him taking me into a place many have not the pleasure of traveling to, bring me back and taking me there again many times during the afternoon. He told me that it delighted him to watch me leave myself during. The feel of my cum that washed him many times. His knowing touches and how to use them well. His taste sweet to my lips. Coming so close yet never coming as the geese sang to us outside during that afternoon.
The only lunch that was served Sunday was each other. ~smiles~

And this is for you....
Who needs the sun
When the rain's so full of life
Who needs the sky
When the ground's open wide
It's here in your arms I want to be buried
You are my sanctuary....

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8/25/2005 12:04 pm


I find it impossible to understand how this post did not produce any replies..(except mine of course.. wink)

I am NOT up todate with your blog.. so I have no idea if this session produced more...

The description sounds like heaven..


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3/13/2008 7:24 pm

Mmmmm, Love on a boat, one of my favourite things. Used to live on one down in Florida.

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