I Fa U'r Man  

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6/30/2005 5:39 am

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I Fa U'r Man

ask yourself who do you trust?
then ask who do you fuck?
are they the same people?
ain’t that a bitch.
brother was good as every inch as she said he was.
and his wife would be the one to know.
bitch could not help but gossip about him in the ladies room.
drunk motherfucka’s should not have to care.
care about their word’s exploding on contact.
the devil hides in the cognac while the angel hides by the punch.
so watch who the fuck you shake hands with.
in this life i lead promiscuously everybody wants to fuck.
a deal is a deal.
a thrill is a thrill.
i fucked your man!

By Seldom Scene

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