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6/30/2005 5:29 am

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Here’s another chance.
It’s a brand new day and my mind keeps learning.
Situations turning to trials creating new bouts.
The softest hand I ever touched was not meant for me.
In my imagination I long to have another chance to make you mine.
The softest smile was spread across the place with gracious grace.
Sweetest kiss pressed against my face.

And here’s another chance to make myself belong.
But is she meant for me, do we really belong.
I’m obsessed by you, I’m blessed by you.
Are you really meant for me, are you really meant for me.

Cut the leash that creates our distance, no greater love I will know.
Open your eyes and see that time is all we need.
I close my eyes now and I do not have to cry.
I believe in what we could share cause I adore you so.
And here is another chance for me see if she is meant for me.

If I find a flower to share, how many spring times do I have to dare.
Years will pass, I’m gonna look for you.
Because through your faith anything can be true.
My whole life is defined by your presence.
It should have been me, it should have been you.
When it all passes know a change is going to come.

Give me a sign Lady Day, say the word.
Let me know I belong.
Here’s our chance.
By Seldom Scene

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