Yoni, ... or NOT Yoni?  

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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8/24/2005 11:01 am

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Yoni, ... or NOT Yoni?

Are you familiar with the term, "yoni"? I’m sure some of you are; I’d guess our granola girls like DSK, LG69, and probably TMar, won’t be learning anything new here, but I'll wager many of you have yet to be “enlightened.” Yoni has profound meaning, at once to be revered and celebrated.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina and vulva that is loosely translated as "sacred space" or "sacred temple." Its meaning and use is an alternate perspective from the Western view of female genitalia, e.g., pussy, cunt, twat, or “that dirty filthy box” as Hugh Jarse so eloquently wrote in his comment to my Gay Not Gay post; words which are not usually meant to be complimentary.

Ancient Tantrics recognized external female genitalia as the source of female sexual power and viewed that power as the source of all creative action. Far from describing female sexuality as "passive" in the Western manner, Tantric Hindus regarded female orgasm as the energizing principle of the universe.

In Tantra, it is said that when your pinky is in her anus, the next finger and middle finger in her yoni, and your thumb on her clitoris, "You are holding one of the mysteries of the universe in your hand.” Yoni is seen from a perspective of love, awe, and respect.

To paraphrase my comment to Frogger1995's post Pleasing the Woman, "Woman" to me is an ideal; She is more than man's complement. Woman is more noble, virtuous, caring, selfless, forgiving, beautiful, and empathetic than man. She is the bringer of life, She is the bringer of comfort and pleasure, She is the healer.

She is in the heart, and on the lips of every man's dying breath.

And what better symbolizes and defines that which is Woman than this sacred temple between her legs? My love of Woman comes close to a spiritual worship; indeed, when I'm going down on a woman, face to yoni, it is often like communion with the Divine.

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rm_cele2flowers 43F
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8/24/2005 5:56 pm

Wow....I never looked at it quite that way. I know that Tantra is very spiritual, but have yet to really try to learn it or practice it. I really like the way you look at it!

frogger1995 40F

8/25/2005 5:30 am

I know this is completely off topic but just how do you post links to other posts in a blog? I have wanted to link to others (including yours) but can't. I posted here instead of messaging so others could be "enlightened" as well.

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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8/25/2005 9:10 am

Oi! It's still not working, but there usually a five digit UID (unique identification) listed at the bottom of the post in the same area as the field in which you type the random number to post a comment.

It will look like this: [post 76543].

You can just cut and paste the whole thing into the text you're writing.

The "76543" is unique to that post, and people will see it as the name of the post, and can click on it to take them there.

Problem I foresee with this is the length of the UID... five characters, which means no more than 100,000 posts can exist with a UID. How long can we blog until they're all used up?

BTW, Frogger, hope I didn't offend with my suggestion about rockin' the mic.

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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8/27/2005 12:12 pm

While I appreciate this "worship" on one level (and yes I am familiar with this take on sexuality), on another I really dislike this idealising of women that goes on ... there are plenty of women in the world who are nothing like you are describing, and plenty more who are dishonest manipulators who ruthlessly treat men as subhuman -- men are also wonderful beings and i really do not like the male-bashing so typical in this day and age. Many of my women friends also use all kinds of weird codes to try to quell or silence challenges, brush over any differences of opinion or attitude, and make a pretense of all getting along ... I have had a much harder time getting my woman friends to accept my attitude to sexuality than men, as they are all still clinging to grand notions of monogamy and "the one" -- which I find dishonest. A lot of women can be incredibly dishonest to themselves, while knowing full well that most men cheat, they still behave as tho monogamy is the natural order. O, and LOL! don't get me started on how women treat other fat women...!

On the other hand, many men have given me acceptance, understanding, comfort, pleasure, insight and often, they have taught me to laugh when I take things too seriously. Many are noble, honourable and full of integrity. On top of all that, I generally find men more straightforward and direct ... which is so refreshing, after all the intrigues and manipulations of the "sisterhood"!

Sorry, about long comment, but couldn't figure out how to shorten it!

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KhaosKitty 43F
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9/2/2005 9:56 am

Very good read, Voodoo, although I would disagree on one point. I just can't consider "pussy" a non-complementary word. It may have been meant by some as a derogatory term, but in my mind it's a complement.

Of course, I am the Khaos Kitty, so perhaps I'm a trifle biased on that point...

The point itself, however - that Western culture tends to use the female genitalia as a way to put women down, while the Eastern culture uses them to lift women up - is a valid one. Unfortunately, the task of changing a society's perspective is not one that happens quickly. Hopefully it's a process that will at least begin in our lifetimes. <fingers crossed>

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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2/14/2008 9:44 am

I became acquainted with the word when I started seeing the Smithie, but I was innately aware of the concept.

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