At the late night...  

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9/8/2005 12:37 pm

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At the late night...

Where's the strangest/most adventurous place you've ever had sex?

Yeah? I got ya beat. I got you so beat that the legend of this particular tryst is still told in parts of Denmark and Germany.

I got you so beat that to this day, almost 20 years later, E-Roc still introduces me to his friends as "My friend, the one I told you about who had sex...."

I'm not being boastful; I say this not with pride, or glee. It's simply a fact, or rather, a probability that would be four or five standard deviations from the mean if such things could be quantified.

It was late summer, 1986. My good friend E-Roc and I had graduated high school in June; I was off to college in a week, while he was off to spend a year in Europe before continuing his studies. The night before he was to leave, we had set up a double date with Vasso, E-Roc's big-titted-Greek-bitch and sometimes girlfriend,(This phrasing is not intended to be misogynistic, merely a nod to Kevin Smith, & Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold.) and Siobhan, a girl I had been eager to date, because she was hot, and because I knew she fucked. (Hey, I was 18!)

We decided it would be dinner on the (Erie) canal, then a drive-in movie. I drove to E-Roc's and we took his dad's Bonneville. We first picked up Siobhan, and it was a bit awkward, because we'd never met - we just shared several close friends. But once we picked up Vasso - they were friends - and got to the canal, we were getting on like a house on fire.

So as the sun started to cast long shadows, and the last of the curly fries were munched, we got back in the Bonneville and began the trip to the Harlem Drive-In in Buffalo. Siobhan and I shared the back seat, some conversation, and a frosty chocolate malted as well.

E-Roc and I were silently psyched when we arrived to see that the double feature was “Texas Chainsaw Massacre II” and “Night of the Creeps” since they were sure to either scare or bore our dates, and either way, they’d want some smoochy-smoochies and maybe even some sexy-sexies.

Siobhan certainly did.

Twenty minutes into the first flick, we were kissing the hell out of each other... necks, lips, ears, nibbling, biting, sucking, licking... yeah, it was awesome!.

Another twenty minutes, and were doing almost everything you can do and still have your clothes on. See, E-Roc and Vasso were still in the front seat, and other than a couple innocent kisses, they were watching the shite movie. I mean, E-Roc is my friend, and I didn’t want to disrespect him and his date by fucking Siobhan right there behind them.

But we had already gone too far as it was. Siobhan was wearing a mini-skirt, panties had been pulled aside and she was some serious wet. I was young, but even then I was all about pleasing the woman; I knew where the clit was, and I also knew that some women liked clitoral stimulation, while others preferred vaginal stimulation. Siobhan liked both simultaneously. She was trying to be quiet, but at the same time pleading, “That's good... please don’t stop!”

The situation was getting desperate; something had to be done! Then, remembering an observation and remark I’d made to E-Roc a few weeks before, I stopped my finger dance, swallowed hard, and whispered into her ear....

... Queue the flashback

madkitten 54F
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9/8/2005 2:23 pm

Ok so is this an AdultFriendFinder problem, or are you just trying to totally confuse me, this was the 1st post I saw, then it became the one about the cars and the large boot, where my orignal comments are, then I saw the final instalment, and like the magician its now 2 blogs about the cars and no final instalment. Im getting so confused I cant even remember if I have ever had sex let alone the strangest place, think I had better go to bed and let my imagination play.

frogger1995 40F

9/8/2005 5:38 pm

OHHHH come on voodoo. I was expecting the top of Mount Everest with that intro... Still, pretty hot! Me, just a boring old dressing room...oh, and I guess my parent's bed was pretty weird...then there was that time in the classroom...and then there was....

P.S. "smoochy-smoochies" and "sexy-sexies", I love those phrases! I have to use them sometime.

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