Alito, not Ito!  

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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1/12/2006 3:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Alito, not Ito!

So any y’all been watching the Alito Supreme Court confirmation hearings? I’ve been watching some, and it’s no Thomas Clown Affair... rather boring.

Alito is a well qualified arch-conservative who will be confirmed; there will be no filibuster, and that’s a shame. You pretty much have to be insane (Robert Bork) or incompetent (Harriet Miers) to get turned down. (Actually, you can be insane as long as you deny it... remember the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill/Coca-Cola hearings?)

Today’s session was focused on his membership in Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group that essentially tried to get women and minorities kicked out of Princeton. (It’s a good thing for me that they failed, because while I didn’t attend Princeton, I did attend many crew tournaments and had a thing for the naughty Tigresses of Princeton Women’s Crew; those girls really knew how to stroke!) I watched with particular interest as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), pissed at the Democrats’ line of questioning, went on one of those southern gentleman rants and earnestly proclaimed that Judge Alito has never been a member of the KKK, as if his membership in the Klan was really in question! Heh... maybe Sen Graham simply has special knowledge of the Klan and its members, eh?

It was during Senator Graham’s defense of Alito that the most dramatic event of the day went down. Alito’s wife, seated directly behind him, broke down in tears and had to leave the room.

Well, boo-fucking-hoo! Politics is a contact sport, and it doesn’t get much rougher than when you want a seat on the Supreme Court for life! Rulings he will make will mean life, death, and a host of other things with huge impact for potentially millions of people that are a bit more important than some delicate wifely sensibilities. You know what? New rule! Like high school reunions, spouses aren’t allowed to attend any Federal confirmation hearing. Ever.


caressmewell 54F

1/12/2006 6:13 am

I agree...

need2havfun76 41M

1/12/2006 10:22 am

good rule.
On one hand some would consider it a situation or an occasion where the individual would want and should have some guaranteed support, but on the other hand if you cant be supportive you shouldn't be there.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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1/12/2006 12:14 pm

You do know Drudge and Fox News are claiming it was during the Democratic questioning she broke down and had to leave, right? Even conservative bloggers are getting pissed off at the lies on the right. That's not a good sign.

Sadly, I'm afraid you're right about this guy being confirmed. The Republicans are willing to rubber stamp anyone the President puts before them, in spite of his low approval rating and how some are trying to distance themselves as they know they're up for reelection this year.

Now, it wasn't so much that Harriet Meirs wasn't qualified. It was her nomination pissed off the right wing and the far righters managed to cause enough stink and raise enough hell that her name was withdrawn. Want to know what their big thing was? A woman who is single at her age ~has~ to be a lesbian. I shit you not. And a single career woman would be less likely to overturn Roe v. Wade. WTF is wrong with these people?

As far as Alito's wife, well you know, it hit a nerve. The poor woman has had to live in West Caldwell, NJ for years. Which means her children have been going to school with all sorts of minorities, she has to deal with minorites just about everywhere she goes. So when Graham apologized for the Democrats mentioning the racist group he belonged to, it was too much for her! Graham understood! I mean, he's from Texas, he knows all about those Mexicans! So, she became overwhelmed with emotion from relief and started crying. Christ. Give her a handful of tranqs and let her sit there like a good Christian Zombie wife. After all, she took the spotlight off her husband for those few seconds. That is so very un-Christian of her.

frogger1995 40F

1/12/2006 2:45 pm

OK...Thomas wasn't insane..just an obvious pervert.

Unfortunately I agree that he will be admitted. Let's just hope that Stevens and Ginsberg make it through the next couple of years. Repubs as you know drive me crazy. If not being a member of the KKK is where the bar lies...what the hell does that say about the future of the court?

As for the wife...AGREED! For Pete's sake, what does she expect...A love fest?? I hope his PR people ripped her a new one. How embarassing!

rm_Bct2Esi 52M/51F
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1/12/2006 3:02 pm

personally I would like to take all our politicians, pu them in a corner and not let a single one come out until they can get along. They act worse then two year olds...ughhhhhhh

This is getting a little wierd, why does he have to keep answering the same questions over and over again? are they trying to trip him up or what?

what was so upsetting that she felt the need to act like a child and walk out crying? was she wanting attention at that moment? she should have been strong for her man and not shown the world how big of a baby she is. if he gets the seat, is she going to be putting the bug in his ear on some major decisions he has to make?
how will that in the end affect his decision?

I just want this thing over with

hugs and smiles

rm_1hotwahine 64F
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1/13/2006 11:20 am

Frogger's right re: Thomas. Damn. Yet another blogger I've got to start reading...

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
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1/15/2006 1:08 pm

caressmewell - thanks!

need2havfun76 - yeah, well it's a high profile job interview, isn't it? And would you bring your wife to a job interview?

MissAnnThrope - yep, I know what Fox reported. What a perverse world we've become.

frogger1995 - have you read any of Thomas's opinions on Federalism? He really is insane, and I'd expect he would have ended up in the Michigan Militia or one of those groups if they allowed blacks, and if he wasn't so intelligent.

He is an extremely smart & insane perv.

[blog Bct2Esi] - hadn't thought of that... her influence over his decisions. Let's hope MissAnnThrope is right and she's the "graciously submitting" type.

[blog 1hotwahine] - oh, Frogger's great! Well... that is when she's writing substance and not writing about her big boobs, extraordinarily tight pussy, and getting fucked in the ass. >>!

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