The sin within  

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7/18/2005 11:17 pm

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The sin within

Title: "The sin within (rhyme)"

Your naked body laying in our bed,
lust for love and passion dancing in my head.

The longer the hour the more I feel alive,
as you lay there and caress me I can feel the vibes.

Your eyes undressing me and your mind creating the sin, she's going to get what she wants; just touch me again.

Lost for words as she makes those faces,
my fingers lead back to those all familiar places.

Wimpers and moans as she takes another breath,
she takes off her shirt and reveals those huge breasts.

My body can't stop now we've gone too far,
all I can feel is the beating of her heart.

My finger is removed and my shaft enters deep,
her legs wrap around me and she curls her feet.

The sweat dripping and dropping from the heat,
and then we start to kiss and I hear the beat making nothing but a repeat.

Grabbing the remote and hitting every button,
she grabs my shoulders and starts the rubbin'.

I turn back to her and she's still giggling,
so I thrust deeper and faster and she started wiggling.

The sounds of her body reaching ecstacy filled the house, and then her nails pierced my back and started to gouge.

My thighs hurting from all the pounding,
she takes over and it was quite astounding.

Her body tightening and movements fast,
just to keep up I had to reach and grab her ass.

And then we released what was trapped and kept in,
we let go and let be of our sin within.

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