Hot elevator thoughts.  

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1/21/2006 8:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hot elevator thoughts.

SO the other night I had this wicked dream. Figured I'd share it on here.

I find myself walking down the Strip around 1am. People are just starting to get into the Sin City party mood. For some reason this night feels different to me. Something just doesn't feel normal. Maybe it's the full moon, maybe it's the alcohol in me....All I know is I can feel something going to happen. Suddenly I feel a set of eyes watching me. I stop to lean up against a railing to see if I can spot who is watching me. I out of the corner of my eye I spot a beautiful woman in a slinky red dress peering my way. Surely it is not her that is following me. I decide to cross the street to find out. I enter one of the glass elevators to get to the walkway crossing the street. As I turn around to press the button I find myself face to face with this gorgeous creature... Her lips just inches away from mine. She presses against me to enter the elevator fully. As the doors close and the lift moves off the ground, she hits the stop button... My heart lurches into my throat as we jerk to a stop. I can not believe this is happening. She whispers in my ear.."I've been watching you all night. My body aches for your touch..." I nervously glance around and become aware that we are visible to anyone looking up.... My heart just beats faster... I give in to the urges in my loins and lean over and kiss her.. Her lips are so luscious and soft that my desire burns hotter. I start running my hands lightly across her body, the dress of silk like a second skin leaves nothing to hide... She kisses my neck and rubs her hands across the growing bulge in my pants. " I need you so badly it hurts baby..." she pants. I almost can't contain myself any longer. I slowly push her dress up over her hips to reveal a pair of tiny panties with a red bow... I feel like a kid at Christmas.... I can't wait any longer to unwrap the present. I gentle suck on her pussy thru the sheer material... Her breath starts to come in fits between soft moans. I spin her around so that her breasts are pressed up against the glass walls. I see some tourist have stopped to enjoy our show. I continue to lick her pussy thru her panties. "Please baby... fill me with your cock.." she begs..... How can I resist? I push her panties aside and run the head of my cock across her juicy lips. Moans start to escape her mouth.. "" she cries. I slowly slip the tip into her hot tunnel... she lets out a tiny grunt as I push all the way in. She starts to rock against my hips.... As we get into a rhythm our breathing becomes forced.... Her moans just fuel my desire.... Now more people have gathered and some are actually taking pictures. As I thrust into her, she slams back hard.... I almost let loose then and there. Her muscles tightening like a vise... milking me for all I have... I can hear her breath getting short.. she is biting her lip to try and prevent her orgasm. "That's it baby. Cum all over my cock." I encourage her. Her moans and whimpers are getting louder, I am sure the people watching could hear her pleasure. As she climaxes, her pussy clenches my cock feeling so good I cannot stop myself from exploding. As we both start to recover, she turns around and drops to her knees to clean my cock with her mouth. After sometime I end up cumming the second time in her mouth. She wipes off her lips and kisses me fully. I can taste her and my juices on her lips. "Thanks for that sweety." she says and starts up the elevator again. We get our clothes adjusted just as the doors open. Then, just as suddenly as it started, she exits the elevator and disappears in the crowd that has gathered. I can't help but be a little embarrassed as some of the guys in the crowd clap, hoot and whistle. I never learned her name and can only hope to meet her again along the strip.....

Hope you all like.

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