It's 1:30 in the morning... Do you know where your ambition is?  

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5/13/2005 2:15 am

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It's 1:30 in the morning... Do you know where your ambition is?

Soundtrack of the moment: Evanescence ‒ Fallen; Going Under

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that dropped a comment for my first post. I think that this would have been cool even if nobody had responded, but like all kids that were in drama, that little bit of spotlight just helps to make you want to perform just that much more. *Grin*

I think I might be hooked on this already. I was sitting at work today thinking of all of the amazingly cool and hyper-witty things I wanted to write down. Unfortunately for you, it's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm down to thinking only a few things:
1. I should be studying for my MCSE exam, but Adult Swim is on. This means that the book sitting next to me on the couch is getting about as much attention as a nerd at a supermodel conference. (Can't help liking Japanese Animation.)
2. Ana_6973 has eyes to die for. (If that's her real picture.) Hell, I may have to buy a "real" membership here after all.
3. I think I forgot to eat dinner again.

And since I'm definitely not going to get studying done, I may as well hop on the soapbox and give y'all a good dose of my frontal lobe...

I haven't been a big believer of the online dating scene, and not so sure about AdultFriendFinder in general. (This is pre-blogs) Mostly because it seemed like one of those too-good-to-be-true instances. Now don't get me wrong, I've met a lot of people that I'm extremely good friends with, and in some instances had horrifying/rewarding relationships with via tha interweb. Actually it was mainly before the advent of the Internet. Back when you still had to dial up to a Bulletin Board System (BBS), and eventually via Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Anyway, long diatribe (and apparently computer history lesson) short, I thought that this was another good example of the stories you would read in Penthouse as a kid. Yes, it's hot n' steamy, but odds are it's not really a woman writing about how she scored with those guys from the bar, but actually a semi-frustrated guy looking to make another $50 by writing about his sexcapades and getting it published.

But then I find the blogs here. And my suspension of disbelief grows. (For those of you that aren't following here's the Reader's Digest version: Now that I'm reading user's blogs, I'm seriously starting to buy into the idea that there are other people out there looking for fun and romance. Real people.)

I realize that for many, this is something that you've known all along, and have been having fun while those of us that are a little stand-offish(is that a real word? Note to self... Look up stand-offish... Heh.) keep thinking that we're going to respond to an add from Yvette only to find out that not only is she not a forensics specialist from LA that enjoys daytrips to the Napa Valley, but is actually Herb whom has a penchant for buying women's undergarments wholesale and selling them on EBay as used co-ed panties...s
It’s cool to be able to get a glimpse into other people’s experiences. (Not that you didn’t already know that, because you’re here reading this… But I really enjoy pointing out the obvious, and don’t really feel like changing my habits just to cater to your reading style )

Now where was I? Oh yeah! So I think that, for me, being able to read other user blog has given this site the extra bit of credibility. That extra boost that makes me actually want to start writing to people and see if I can’t make a connection.

Alright, switching gears…

Todays discussion topic: Saying “Thank you” after sex. Good, bad, or other?
Personally, I have no problems saying thank you after frolicking. Admittedly, I’m a little cheesy and playful when I’m saying it, but still…

Well, I’d like to say that after dropping off this novel at the printers, I’ll pick up my book and start studying before crashing tonight, but the truth is I’m probably just going to give in to my voyeuristic instincts and hit the blog pages of everyone that commented on my cherry-poppin’ post.

Have a good morning everyone, and Happy Friday the 13th.

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