Stuffed full... but still something is missing!  

rm_Unfettered1 43F
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7/16/2006 12:03 pm
Stuffed full... but still something is missing!

I had lunch (much like an obliging child) with my grandparents today, their treat of course. I was so hungry by the time we went and I ended up breaking my new mantra... DON'T OVERSTUFF YOURSELF! I did eat way too much and I'm trying hard to lose some weight, so that's not really a helpful thing to do. Losing weight is really hard... I am not the most unhealthy eater in the world, but for crying out loud the weight seems to just JUMP on me!

But STUFFED FULL made me think of something else I'd like to be stuffed full of! I had a date with the intention of doing just that this afternoon but we decided there wasn't time with my busy day and he wasn't feeling great. He is quite yummy however... about ten years younger than me (maybe more! ) and is so good to me when we get together. Ah... if only I could find a man that I could keep around that was so good to me. I guess I shouldn't bitch, and take what I can get right? But in the mean time, I guess I'll go take care of the problem he created by not showing up today!

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