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2/5/2006 6:22 pm

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She sat there his thick hand rubbing the inside of her thigh, pushing her skirt higher and higher. She shuddered knowing she wouldn't stop him, she wanted him to touch her it had been to long. Higher and higher his hand slid along her inner thigh exposing more of her flesh. She moaned slightly knowing soon he would know how wet she was, how badly she needed him inside her.
She jumped slightly seeing the large big rig pulling up beside her, she instinctively tried to push his hand away, not wanting the world to see her like this. He held his hand firm, moving closer to her pussy, he hooked his fingers under her thong pulling it to the side. She tried to resist him, her body heating up in both passion and embarrassment. He was just so strong she knew she couldnt win. She moaned failing miserably she laid back, knowing the trucker was most certainly staring at her now exposed pussy.
He watched her writhing in her seat, with the drivers finger dipping inside of her pussy with ease. He could feel his hard on push against his denim pants, making it so painful he could barely drive. He watched her grab the side of the door as the driver shoved another finger into her snatch. He shook his head having to pull over.

angelwoarose 42F

3/12/2006 8:22 pm

I'm waiting for you to take me on another car ride...maybe up to parkway *wink* Oh I remember that night well...oh yeah I blogged about it LOL

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