A quick funny story...  

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9/11/2005 9:27 pm

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A quick funny story...

Ok I went to the Laundrymat on base here to get some shorts altered. After running around Iraq for the last 4 months I lost a little weight. (I went from a 38 to a 34 and need a belt to keep them up now.)

The lady behind the counter had me stand up on this pedestal and take my belt off so she could measure and pin how much I want my shorts taken in. I had to hold up the shorts myself so they would not fall down.

She has me hold up my shirt so she could measure correctly but she had to hold my shorts up. Just then a bunch of Academy students walk in. (It's boot camp for officers) She stands up and waves to them that she'll just be a second forgetting that she was the only thing holding my shorts up.

Needless to say, the first three people through the door got a shock because I really don't like wearing underwear. (Yup, I go commando!)

Embarressed I laughed a little, pulled my shorts up and told the room, "Now that you all have been formally introduced to all of me, I at least expect dinner out of it." LOL I got a few laughs and I can only hope they were for my last minute comic humor and not something else. The lady kept repeating in broken english, "I'm so sorry, I'm sooooo sorry..."

P.S. A girl in my class wants to call me "Kramer" like in Sienfeld but i never saw that episode? I have been told by 3 people now, "Oh so your the guy that flashed the new recruits!" I hope I can just live this one down.

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