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8/18/2006 8:54 am
Ty aka TyGeR

We'll I Dont Exactly Know what the hell This is soooo....Its become more about me.
Im Currently Training In MMA Under Premier Martial Arts Training Accademy..For those who dont Know What MMA Is, It is a Step down From UFC. As seen on Spike T.V IT prepares you by letting you follow the Guidelines and So forth.
Also Im Racing In a 250cc MX circut. And Im Spending alot of time With my Brother And his Friends..No hes doesnt hve an Account here...Ummm
I play Right Defence for a double "A" Hockey Team And Thats it.

I stand about 6'0 Brown Short hair.
Blue/Green eyes. (the color changes with my mood) Creepy eh?
Im Slim With an Athletic Build...And I have No Upper body strength....Im not exactly proud Of that But its the Truth.
MY Taste In Music Is HUGE....Country To to Rave To You name it.......W.e IT is I like it.

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