Sleepy and smiling  

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6/13/2005 2:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sleepy and smiling

Woke up a little bit ago next to something warm and snuggly, and in my half awake haze ended up frenching my dog Luna.....yiiick! What a way to start the day. Went downstairs for my morning ritual of blueberry tea and newspaper reading, and according to my horoscope, I need to quit being such an apathetic loser and get my shit together. I think I've decided how I'm going to spend the summer though, so that's a start, however, it doesnt involve much education to my dismay. I am going to Florida folks. That's right, I'm spending the next 3 months in glorious Big Pine Key, and what will I do for a living while I'm there? I'll be fishing. What could be more relaxing? Nothing. I love to fish, and I love free rent, so I think, barring the untimely demise of my father, that is my game plan. It has been exactly 10 years since I lived with my dad, and 10 years since I've seen him. I think its appropriate I spend what are probably his last months with him. So much has happened in terms of major life changes lately. I'm ready to move, I'm a wee bit sick of Austin, and could use the vacation. My only reservations lie in quitting my job. I love my co-workers and my job, though I imagine if I play my cards right I can look forward to returning to a job should I decide to ever come back to Austin. I've been seeing a man that lives in Houston for a few months now, and am torn about the move due to being infatuated with him, but I cannot spend another 5 years waiting on some guy. If it was meant to be serious, my time in Florida will only be a brief interlude of lonliness, and lonliness is definitely something I know how to handle, so I'm not too worried. Ah, the codeine is kicking in once again and I find myself falling asleep at the old keyboard, so I suppose with that I will bid everyone a good night

ByteChaser2 54M

6/13/2005 11:21 am

Jumping into something new and relatively unknown can be frightening but hey, sometimes you just have to have faith that the Universe will have that safety net up and ready... and jump on in.

Very glad to see your recovering nicely. Hugz Me

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