Teased this weekend  

rm_Twinfan2 65M
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7/18/2006 7:20 pm

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7/19/2006 2:42 am

Teased this weekend

My friend, that I have known for several years, invited me over for drinks on Saturday night and having not else scheduled, I readily accepted. I had not seen her for sometime and was looking forward to catching up on what had been happening with her.

I arrived about 5 with a bottle of cognac, which we quickly open and poured a couple of snifters full. About seven, after a couple of snifters and a little toke, she said that she had invited me over because it had been to long for her and she wanted to play if I was interested. Duh!

She said she had the evening planned out and was sure I would enjoy myself, if I would indulge in her fantasy. As I said I have known her a long time and had come to trust her, so I agreed. She took me downstairs to her game room, asked me strip, and lie down on the pool table, which had a twin size materess on top of it. She then proceeded to bind me to the table with some nylon straps with velcro cuffs. She asked me if I was ready to be teased until my nuts ached and I could only smile. She said ok as she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and quickly dialed a number and said, "We're ready." In about 10 minutes I heard the door bell ring and had no idea what to expect, knowing that I trusted my friend and knew she would hurt me. I heard lots of voices coming from several couples and to be honest was a bit nervous. It wasn't more than 3 minutes until I could hear them coming down the stairs chating and laughing as they approached. Know I was embrassed and became more so when 5 couples I did not know came into the room.

Each smiled and said hi as they headed for the bar to put down thier own favorite and begin mixing drinks. They drank, chated for almost an hour and I began to sense a burnt rope smell in the air, but mostly paid little or no attention to me in my embarassing pose. My friend came over with a drink for me and helped me with the straw, while asking if I was having a good time. I told her I was totally embaressed and her reply was that won't last mcuh longer. Individually, the group soon came over to where I was bound, introducing themselves one by one and each one doing something different to me. One stroked my inner thigh, one gave me a fantastic kiss, one pinched my nipple, while the other was being sucked. Both of my feet were tickled, as well as my arm pits and of course someone was massaging my balls while my cock was being lubed up with a warming oil. My brain was kicking out the endorphins with all of the sensations I was receiving and all at once it ended.

The group had broken into little groups or couples who were all getting naked pretty much as fast as they could. As they all started to enjoy each other, my friend helped me with my drink, after giving me a little blue pill to swallow and told me I was in for a good show and that was an under statement. In the next hour or so there was almost every kind of pleasure going on some where in the room. I don't think there was a sole in that room paying any attention at all to me in my position, as my friend kept helping me with my drink and keeping me erect, but never allowing me to orgasm.

And then the fun began. My friend took off my glasses and put a blind fold over my eyes and the group decended on me. mmmmmmm The group was taking turns keeping me on the edge, but making sure never to go to far. Every sensory nerve was in action and it felt like I was sweating from every pour. My arms, legs, feet, hands, and head were all being massaged, while my nipples were either pulled, pinched, licked, or nibbled on. Every now and then someone would massage oil on my cock head with two of the fingers and thier thumb or someone else would give it a few licked to keep it lubricated, as if I wasn't leaking enough all ready. As time went by kissing was replaced with either a pussy to lick or a cock to suck. Each one of my hands was occupied with either a pussy or cock to try and satisfy its owner and was each of my feet, but I don't think I did a very good job in my condition. Someone brought out a g spot vibrator, oiled it up and began teasing my prostrate. It felt like I was leaking tons of precum, and my friend later told me it was a lot, but I never saw.

They continued on this way for over an hour and the sweet smell of sex fully dominated the room. My friend told me it was now time for me to orgasm and removed my blindfld, as everyone took a seat somewhere in the room. My friend undid the velcro cuffs and told me that I was to masturbate for the group and bring myself off for them. Well, I did as I was told and added to it by stroking myself to climax 3 times in a half hour and totally spent. My friend brought me a blanket and I awoke on the pool table some 10 hours later.

What a weekend!!!

wsxcder 62M
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7/18/2006 8:16 pm

Your friend should have made you suck off each of tyhe guys to an orgasm and cum in your mouth. Then after you had been a good boy allowed to masturbate but not allowed to cum for at least an hour. By then you would be begging the audience to please let you cum and eat it. Maybe one of the guys could have ass rammed you or maybe one of the women with a big strap on. At any rate I recommend that you plead with her for another performance and ask her to please be more teasing and humiliating. Definitely worth recording on a video too.

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