More about teaseing/denial  

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7/12/2006 4:31 pm
More about teaseing/denial


Thanks to all for the comments. Now that I know there are those interested, I will continue. Thanks Angel for the warm welcome and you are absolutely right Eye Candy.

I am not sure when teaseing/denial became a regular part of my lifestyle, but have seemed to always have the erge since youth. With old age, slash matureity, it has become a more comfortable to enjoy the pleasures. I am not a rocket sciencetist, but think the plesure is derived from the constant release of endorphins in the brain. Kind of like a steady high.

Being divorced for several years, it has become necessary to learn self reliance and I have done that, but of course it is always more pleasureable with a willing partner.

What is my defintiton of teasing and denial? I enjoy being kept in a high state of arrousal for several hours and not having an orgasm. When masturbating, I usually keep erect for one or two hours, but have gone as long a three. My friends, the ones who enjoy doing this, consistantly keep me excited for four or more hours and my modern day record is six and a half hours.

There are a number of people of both genders, who enjoy this kind of pleasure, both giving and receiving, as do I.

Enough for today. If you would like to hear more, let me know and I will ramble on some more or you can ask specific questions.

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