The Problems Couple have when dealing with Single men  

rm_Tweet4671 56M/50F
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8/20/2005 4:15 am

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The Problems Couple have when dealing with Single men

We've stated our feelings on the matter..comments...questions...etc

diddy34fun 59M/58F
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8/20/2005 5:49 am

Can't trust them! I always feel they'd be thinking with the smaller head and come sneaking around when I'm gone...

hereforyou6217 44M
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8/20/2005 6:30 am

Huh. I disagree pretty much with everything you said up there. As a man playing alone who loves to play with couples, I can really only speak for me. And the thing that turns me on about couples actually has everything to do with the bond between them. I really only want to deal with couples who are loving and stable and really really devoted to each other-- and if I ever thought I was coming between them, that would be the end of it. I wouldn't mind playing with one partner alone, but only with the express knowledge of the other partner. Otherwise it's just not as fun.

I guess what I'm saying is that not all single guys are out to break up marriages. If you're interested in finding a guy to play with, you just need to screen really well and make sure the guy you find respects your marriage as much as you do. Then you're in for some real fun!

lotsoffunfor3 52M/50F

8/20/2005 6:49 am

We are a couple that enjoys the company of other guys but have found that so many guys say they are bi curious or even bi but when it gets to the nitty gritty of the fun they just pay all the attention to the female and take all the attention from both of us..Guys do read but still try things on anyway.. We have started to test them by having just male male fun while wife watches before she joins in.. if they dont like the sound of that when we tell them before we meet up then we give them a sorry not interested message back.. We also wont meet anyone without seeing a recent pic of them at all.. No matter what the excuse if no pic is available then forget it.. Early on in the start of our extra fun, we found out all of these cons as well as this line.."can i just visit the female first to be comfortable before i join u both" .. (that never happens they just want the woman..) Guys are so cunning and will go to all sorts of tricks to get to the woman.. even by posing as bi in sites that cater for bi/gay guys so that they can find unwhitting couples to trick into by pretending to be exactly what they are after.. Anyway that is our view on the subject.. my advise is to always be wary of others.. always be picky who u meet and always only meet first for a drink with no expectation of playing unless u are all comfortable. and always have ground rules for everyone..that includes u and ur partner as well as the other guy..

MillsShipsGayly 53M

8/21/2005 7:10 am

One thing I find is that people forget that guys who aren't silver/gold paying members don't get to view profiles so they often chat blind. That of course doesnt excuse rudness once they find out you are only looking for couples.
Good luck in your search. Very attractive couple; you'll find some other nice couples in IL or elsewere.

blkcoupleforyou 48M/49F
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8/22/2005 6:07 am

We have run into all types and our finaly say on it is this.... It only takes one or two to fuck it up for all the rest and that's exactly what happened. It never even got to any sexual activity for us because before we could hook-up they were rude, pushy and generally acting like we NEEDED them. Admittedly, we have run into single females acting in the same manner but have had a better over overall experience with them and their demeanor. In general, we stick to couples(occassionaly we will email a female) as a lot of the singles are just a bit too flaky for us.

rm_Tweet4671 56M/50F
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8/22/2005 4:45 pm

So far most appear to be agreeing with our assessment. We ouls like to thank everyone that has contributed and thank in advance those that will. Keep your opinions coming!!!!

rm_dkking01 50M

8/23/2005 10:56 am

Good points. However, some guys are married and their wives refuse to participate in the lifestyle. I know that causes problems of its own. I happen to be one of those straight guys. For the ladies or couples that I've been with there hasn't been the problem. The particular couple was great. The husband liked watching his wife with other men. We had great friendship and understanding. I think maybe it has been the people you've dealt with in the past. However, I do understand and respect everyones right to do what they choose. I just wanted to point out that not all single or married (cheating men) are that way. I don't judge people and I don't I should be judged for what I do. Wheter it be right or wrong!

10DELL 46M  
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8/29/2005 12:26 am


rm_viagra1248 64M
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9/24/2005 12:05 am

The cover on the book is not always as it seems either.......There are couples who are bent on deceit for they too! will try and be the wedge!!!! A single guy just want to be included in all there is to offer....For I as a straight male have came across a few ladies that were in a couples relationship that I would love to be with..It's all about that person....You'll take a single woman...but not a man?? WHAT'S THE DIFFERANCE!!!!!!!!!!

rm_Tweet4671 56M/50F
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9/30/2005 2:17 am

Good Question Viagra 248...while it is true that all parties can be deceitful single women tend to be the least offensive when it comes to being intrusive in others relationships...followed by couples then single guys. I was once the coordinator (8 yrs Total) of a group of guys that provided gangbang services for couples and select single females. All of the guys knew the rules with respect to NOT inserting ones self into the relationships of the couples that we met...well despite all of my admonitions.2 of them felt that they had a Real connection with the women of the couples and started up relationships with them.... needless to say the situations got really complicated & ugly...we have decided to avoid placing ourselves in position where the potential for impropriety exist

catdaddy166 48M/48F

9/30/2005 5:47 pm

I would like to say when you agree on including a third, a male. it must be understood by the couple what to expect, a fantasy nothing more, of course the fantasy is what it is, a fantasy, and if your blind you can see when a male is going to far, cut him off at the knees even if it means changing a number etc.the question to the male bring a female if he is down he will accomandate with your request, enough said their should not be any misunderstanding by a couple that invites a third

rm_newlyfree65 52M

11/4/2005 12:48 pm

I totally agree with hereforyou6217 and feel the same way. In addition, if I see that couples are NOT looking for single males, I move on. Also, when I meet with a couple, I try to verify that they BOTH want to have a threesome. Meaning, one partner is not pushing the idea on the other.

Engine639 57M/55F  
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4/26/2007 4:26 am

All that is a danger to look out for and that was very much on my mind when I was searching for a suitable guy for our first 3some. I spent lots of time looking at responses and only one guy really stood out above the others. Everyone else just said how much they'd like to fuck her and that was it. They got rejected. The guy we found turned out to be an excellent choice and both my wife and I - as well as the guy - have enjoyed our little get-to-gethers.

We were also looking for someone who lived at least a couple hours travel time away. Two reasons for that. 1) It was unlikely that we had any mutual friends who might put two and two together, figure out what was going on, and start the gossip mill going. 2) We wanted to make it difficult for the guy to attempt to move in on her. In this particular case, our friend is a military man and currently is on the verge of being deployed to Iraq for a year. Hope he comes back safe, but his busy schedule with the military, plus distance, also insures something covert will not develope.


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