Fantasy Encounter  

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4/1/2006 12:03 am
Fantasy Encounter

As I arrive at your house, I prepare for journey that awaits. I open the door and kneel as I have been instructed

"Strip" I hear your voice echo from the top of the stairs.

Not sure of what was expected, I stall. "I'm sorry?"

"Yes" you reply. "You should be sorry for making me repeat myself. I want you to take off all your clothes, place them in the box to your left, lock it, and then get back on your knees and don’t look up."

With my clothes in the box, I kneel naked awaiting your presence. I hear your heals approaching the top of the stairway and feel you approach. You stand silently over me for a moment, then I feel your fingers on my hair. Before I know it, a blindfold is placed over my eyes.

“Stand up”, you whisper to me and I stagger to my feet a bit off-balance without my eyesight.

"Now turn around and bend over" you command. Slowly I bend forward putting myself on display for my Mistress.

"Reach back and spread your ass checks" you order. Once again, I do as told.

"Now," you start again, "whenever you enter my house, you will be hard. Is that the case at this moment?" you ask.

"No" I reply, trying to glance down at my flaccid penis.

"No what?" you ask.

"No ma'am?" I guessed.

"Do I look like a ma'am to you?" you ask in disgust. "You will always address me as Mistress" you state assertively. "You will learn this and respond to me this way or you can walk home naked. Do you understand?"

Realizing my mistake and the position that I am in, I quickly try to correct the situation "Yes Mistress, I understand. Please forgive me Mistress."

You respond in a softer tone, "Very good. You will also address me this way when I give you an order so I know that you have hear me. Is this also understood?"

"Yes Mistress" I reply once again.

"Good" you say. "Now, since it is my command that you must enter my house only when hard, you will now turn around and masturbate until you are good and hard. You may present yourself after 30 seconds of stroking. You will count aloud. Begin now."

"Yes Mistress" I respond and quickly grab my cock and start rubbing. "One, two, three…" I count. With my cock standing at attention after only 10 seconds, I continue until I reach thirty making a conscious effort not to cum. I turn toward you with my cock in hand, ready for your inspection.

"Very nice" you say approving. "Now masturbate another 30 seconds so that I might see. Count aloud. Begin now."

Once again, I reply "Yes Mistress" and start massaging my cock. The precum now coating the head of my penis and by the time I have counted to 30 a large drop had formed at the tip. You never bat an eye and speak again. "Take your finger, gather that drop of precum and shovel it into your mouth. Do not drop any" you command.

"Yes Mistress" I reply and doing as told, I take the drop and open my mouth. As the drop enters, I close my mouth around my finger and taste myself as Mistress order.

"Very good" you praise. "That is how you will enter my house in the future”. I hear you place something on the ground at my feet, then your heels click on ground as you walk away. “You can remove the blindfold but I don’t want you to look up.” your voice carries from a distance. “There is a box with a few things I want you to put on.”

“Yes Mistress.” I acknowledge your command. One was a ball-gag, which I quickly fasten in place. The other was a small leather strap.

"If you can’t figure it out, one goes in your mouth and the other goes around your balls and cock" you instruct. I have a bit of trouble since my cock was still hard, but manage to attach the item as I was told. I hear you approach again, and while my gaze remains toward the ground, I see you holding a small chain that was about four feet in length. I watch as your hands fasten the chain to the leather strap, I now realizing that I am actual your new pet made complete with a new leash.

"Turn around" you command before tying the blindfold around my head. A moment later I feel my arms being pulled back and they are quickly secured by some item I had not seen. It was soft, but quite sturdy. Now bound and with vision completely blocked, you tug at my leash saying, "Come boy."

You lead me to her car and guide me into my seat. Throwing the leash inside, I hear you walk to the other side, get in and start the engine. After about ten minutes, you make a right hand turn onto a gravel road. Unable to see, I do not realize that it was a gravel drive leading to another large farmhouse with a giant red bard just off to one side. The car engine stops and I hear my mistress exit. A moment later, my door opens.

Exiting the car, I once feel the cool rush of country air on my naked body. A tug from my leash pulls me forward and out of the car. You then lead me down a grassy path by my cock and balls. Soon, I feel hay under my feet and for the first time, I began to believe that my mistress and I are not alone. Despite the lack of vision from the blindfold, I also sense a light source overhead and know that my nakedness was no longer hidden by darkness.

You speak abruptly "Ladies, I would like you all to meet my new little slut." The sound of clapping and cheering from all around me confirms my suspicion that we were indeed not alone. "What would you all like to see?" you ask them. They start yelling out suggestions. Everything from having me dance around naked to watching me masturbate. One of the women says, " Why don’t you have him just suck old Wilburs dick?" The women all erupte in laughter. "Well, now" you say, "we just might have a winning idea there." The women all quiet down in shock. "Your gonna have him suck a horse's dick?" one ask. "No, no. Nothing quite that drastic" you laugh. Still blindfolded, I breath a sigh of relief. You quickly tug at my leash. "But if Miss Lisa said so, you would do it wouldn't you?" you ask. I hesitate for a moment before nodding with a attempting to say "yes Mistress" which is muffled by the ball-gag, praying that you were just emphasizing your control over your new pet. You then remove my ball-gag, giving you full access to my mouth.

"Actually" you say addressing the group, "I think my little slut would like to show you that I does know how to suck a dick." The women all look at her in question. "But who's dick is I gonna suck?" one of them ask.

"Why my own" you say proudly. "No way" they all say in unison. A little snap of the leash gets my attention. "Down on your knees" you command. Without thinking, I drop to my knees. "Stand back up!!!" Mistress shouted.

"Fuck. What the hell was that for?" says one of the ladies surprised at your harsh tone. "Tell them" you say. "Yes Mistress " I say quietly. " I am supposed to address you and show respect after you give me an order. I am sorry Mistress. I should have said 'yes Mistress ' before kneeling.

"I will not make too big an issue of it this time" you say, "but you do need a little reminder." You look over toward the ladies and ask, "would you like to spank my little slut to help him remember?"

"You gotta be kidding?" one of them says with a smirkish tone. Due to the blindfold still attached, I am unable to see the smile on my mistresses face as you say, "let me get him ready."

You then loosen the binding from my hands. "Bend over slut and put your hands on your knees." I remember what had gotten me there and say "yes Mistress ." After I assum the position, you call over one of your friends and I hear footsteps behind me. "Why does she get to do it?" another lady ask. "Good point" said Mistress. "You ALL will give him one swat to help him remember." A sound of glee was hear from the women present. "You may start" you say.

"Spank him" I hear the women chant. A quick hand lands on my ass cheek and it takes a moment to register in my brain. Before I can even wince, another woman assumes the position and delivers a blow. After the last blow, a few moments of cheering and laughter are hear from the group. As the roar subsides, I hear one exclaim "this is starting to be fun" and the group laughs again. You smile happily knowing the group was enjoying my humiliation.

"Now lets get back to business" you say. "On your knees slut."

"Yes Mistress " I say as I kneel down onto the hay.

"He can really suck my own dick?" one of the women asks.

"Well, if I is limber enough tonight, I claims I can get it in his mouth" you say.

I remember all the emails I had sent to you before tonight's meeting and wish I hadn't been quite so revealing about all the things I was able to do.

"Lay on your back" you command.

"Yes Mistress " I say as I obey.

"Now make Mistress proud" you say as you remove the chain from my strap still tight around my balls and cock.

"Yes Mistress " I say. As I roll my legs back over my head, I hear the laughter of the women. As I get into position, I try to get comfortable and meet the task at hand. The women start chanting as I come closer and closer. With my legs bent way back over my head, I reach for the tip of my penis with my tongue. As the head just barely touches my outstretched tongue, the women all applaud. A small amount of precum now glistens from my tongue. Feeling a little stiff, I pray to myself that I will be able to come down a few more inches allowing my cock to meet my mouth.

After ten minutes, all I am able to do is lick the head of my penis a couple times. The roar dies down and a small huff of disappointment come from the women as I stretch back out laying flat on the barn floor. "I'm sorry Mistress," I say apologetically.

"It looked like you almost had it slut," you say calmly. "I suppose it just wont work tonight. But, the girls are still entitled to a show and you need to be punished for disappointing them."

"Im sorry ladies" you say addressing them, "but it appears as if my little slut has failed me tonight. But, he will now make it up by punishing himself in front of you"

"You know the drill," you say to your slut. It took me only a moment to remember the other embarrassing thing I admitted to you in my emails. "Please Mistress don't make me do that here. Not in front of them" I plead.

"You will do it here and now or you will walk home from here without your clothes" you say in anger.

"But I don't even know where I am" I whine sitting up a bit.

"That is my point entirely," you say "Now, you do it this instant or get your ass out of here!"

I bow my head down in defeat and softly say "yes Mistress”......

If you were my mistress, how would this end?

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