Bye-bye cyber relationship, hello... emptiness???  

rm_Tskmaster 51M
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4/2/2006 8:06 pm
Bye-bye cyber relationship, hello... emptiness???

How many of us have had cyber affairs? What I mean by that is, you may be with a real life loved one but there was still someone out on the 'net that you really connected with - or connected with you.

It's not that you have quit loving the person you're currently with. In fact, you have no intentions of ever leaving the person you're with but maybe you look at yourself and feel something's missing from your life. Maybe the kids have cut into the sex life... there's either little time, energy or money for a "date night". So, while you're significant other decided they need to "get up early in the morning", you cruise the 'net and various chat rooms until your buddy... your cyber friend from a distant world, country or state magically appears in your IM and it's like you're suddenly transported back to more simplier - and yes - even hornier days of high school.

Through the wee hours of the night (and mayhap even the morning) you find yourself in various parts of being undressed with your cybernetic lover and it feels good. It's fun. It's exciting. And maybe there's even the thrill of possibly being caught (just as in high school).

You and your friend same so much of a match for each other. You're both obsessed with sex and love to watch, hear or imagine each other masturbating. And this goes on. Night after night after night. So much so, you wonder, am I addicted? To this person? To the sex? Should I seek help? Or, even worse, a divorce. But then you convince yourself that no, you really do love the person you're with you just wish that... that... that, well... that they acted a bit more like your ":cyber lover" and before you know it, once again, under the soft night glow of your computer screen, you are hoping their name will appear... that their web cam image would suddenly show up and you two can get back to making each other feel incredibly good even if it is a form of high tech masturbation.

But then, the nights grow long. No IMs. No web cam images. Fewer and fewer e-mails are returned until finally... until finally they are no longer answered. Are you being ignored? Did you do or say something to piss your cyber lover off? You two had so much in common. Why no replies? Why no answers?

Then you realize it's really quite simple.

They have finally been able to do what you had been struggling to do all this time. Perhaps they found a real life significant other. Perhaps they simply got caught up in the trials and tribulations of real life itself. In any case, they no longer crave the same cybernetic needs you've suddenly found yourself looking forward to each and every night.

And suddenly, you feel... empty.

Why? The "relationship" wasn't real. And yet, those feelings are clearly there. It feels as though you really have lost a friend. A lover. A secret buddy that understood you like no one else did. And suddenly, that's gone. Poof! Out of existance as though it never existed.

How do you move on? How do you forget? Or, more importantly, how do you get those feelings back? And... can you find ANOTHER cyber soulmate where you can go through the same emotional, physical and mental journey with again?

PurePinkIce 56F

5/7/2006 3:30 am

WOW...I know how you feel hun....

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