Epic Fantacea #9: Dolly Castles  

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Epic Fantacea #9: Dolly Castles

Noriova walked for many miles over the course of many hours, without seeing anything other than dry dirt of a barren grey colour and black, starless skies. There was no breeze, let alone a fierce gale like the last time he had been in these lands. The only sounds audible were the sound of his boots crunching the hard rock-like soil and the sound of his breathing.
"How long must I be here for?" he asked the silence of the night.
"Who says you have to be here at all?" squeaked a female child's voice from behind him.
"What the--?" exclaimed Noriova, as he whirled around, his sword, Windsong, half-drawn before he realized he was drawing it on a little girl no more than three feet tall.
He relaxed, pushing his blade back into its scabbard. "Hello, little one," said Noriova in greeting to the young child who had come out of nowhere.
"Hello, Noriova," said the little girl, her pigtails bobbing with her excited movements. She began hopping circles around Noriova, making him more than just a tad bit nervous.
"What's your name?" Noriova asked the energetic little girl, pivoting in place to keep up with her movements.
"My name's Alia. Will you play with me?" she pleaded, batting her eyelashes as she did so.
"Sure...Alia." He doubted everything about her. She was as much a cute, innocent little girl as he was the King of Dragons.
"What game are we going to play?"
"Doll Castle."
"Doll Castle?"
"Yeah," she explained as a child will when explaining things to a clueless grown-up. "It's like Doll House, except you have more dolls to move around."
"Okay," said Noriova, arching his left eyebrow. "So, how do we play?"
She stomped her foot, and rolled her eyes, and then smiled a coy smile as she turned away.
"Well, in my castle," she said, looking back at Noriova, "We have a King Dolly, but no Queen Dolly--because the King Dolly is a meanie, and the only available princess doesn't like him.
There's a Knight Dolly, too, but he's confused because he belongs to King Dolly, but he wants to belong to Queen Dolly."
"Wait," interrupted Noriova, confused as most grown-ups tend to be, "I thought you said there was no," he rolled his eyes as he said, "Queen Dolly."
"Duh," the little girl said, turning completely around to face Noriova. "You're not listening. You just don't get it, do you?
Now, there's other dollies too, but they don't do much unless King Dolly tells them to. They're afraid of him, because he's so mean and nasty."
"Okay, stammered Noriova, "let's play--"
"No," she interrupted, "I'm tired of that game." She began to hop and skip away, until she was but a speck on the horizon. Noriova could only watch in amazement.
She yelled back to him, "You have to play Doll Castle on your own."
Noriova woke up, knowing that he had just been dreaming, but as dreams are sure to do, this particular one had faded from memory.

to be continued

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I can't possibly be one of the first to comment on this blog ... the writing here is fantastic ! I'll be back !


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